My Autumn Essentials

This late summer weather is gorgeous, but even so I have already started to get my head in the autumn mind-set. It may seem a bit early for it while the sun is still shining but I like to be prepared for the start of autumn with some key essentials. They aren’t particularly pretty or glamorous items, but they’re my top 3 autumn essentials that are now all ready and waiting for the cooler weather.

best black tights

1. Black tights

Black tights are the cornerstone of my autumn/winter wardrobe. They are an absolute must for me, so I’ve just stocked up with a couple of new pairs. And in case you’re wondering, I am very particular about my tights. I am now very brand loyal (tights-wise) and always buy them from Oasis. I’ve found that tights from the cheaper stores or supermarkets do not last – they stretch in a strange way or start getting pulls through them, and while I used to love Topshop tights, that was before I discovered these. I initially thought the sizing would be wrong as I always choose a Large in tights and these only come in dual sizes – S/M and M/L, but M/L is perfect and they are great quality! For £6 they’re great – the best tights I’ve ever had!

autumn skincare

2. Skincare

A change in seasons might just require a change in skincare routine. An expert once recommended to me that autumn was the perfect time of year for a facial – to repair the damage from the summer sun and to prepare for the colder weather and indoor heat. So I’ve booked one for this weekend. But not just that – if you suffer from itching during the seasonal changes it’s a sign that your skin is dry. To combat that before it happens I’ve stocked up on day cream, night cream and the miracle body moisturiser that is coconut oil.

soft blanket

3. Super-soft snuggly blanket

This is not a new item but it is most definitely an essential. This snuggly blanket makes evenings in front of the TV something special. Just add a cup of tea, a Disney film and maybe some chocolate. Autumn perfection.

What items can you not do without for the start of autumn?

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