Lush Ultrabland Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

The skin on my face is very sensitive and because I’m so fair it’s prone to redness too, so I’ve been looking to buy a very gentle, non-exfoliating facial cleanser. I know exfoliating is a key part of some peoples’ skincare routines, but I’m finding it too abrasive and it just creates extra redness on my face and neck – this is not something I need in my life!

lush ultrabland cleanser

So I asked the advice of the helpful ladies in Lush and they recommended their lovely, gentle Ultrabland cleanser. It contains rose water, almond oil, beeswax and honey and promises to gently cleanse and remove makeup without drying out the skin, and I think it does just that. I initially had concerns about using an oil-based cleanser in case it made my skin greasy and I ended up breaking out, but actually it has really nice results. My skin feels clean and hydrated afterwards, and not oily at all.

To use it you apply over the face and then because it’s an oil based cleanser it has to be removed with a warm cloth or cotton wool pad, so it’s a bit like a cleanse and polish system. Now, the packaging says that it is a fantastic daily product for problem skin, which I’m sure it is in terms of the ingredients, but I think the application method is a bit faffy for everyday and probably not great for days when you’re rushing about. Instead it feels more like a treat to use and a really nice pampering product, and (as it happens) it’s gentle enough for regular use.

Ultrabland cleanser Lush

I’m really enjoying using Ultrabland and it is being really good to my skin in the way I was looking for. Has anyone else tried this product, or any other amazing (yet gentle) cleansers?

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