Smoothie Wars: Let Battle Commence!

Earlier this week I took part in a war. A smoothie war!

nutri ninja smoothie wars

This was such a fun event to be part of! The challenge was to utilise the power of the Nutri Ninja smoothie maker by Ninja Kitchen to create a winning smoothie out of a huge choice of ingredients.

The ingredients:

smoothie fruit

The contenders – some of the loveliest Manchester bloggers:

smoothie wars contenders

The equipment – the Nutri Ninja

nutri ninja smoothie maker

Here is the final line-up of smoothies created by each of us ready for us to taste and score. It’s at this point I should mention that despite being the prettiest shade of red (it’s the sixth one from the left) my smoothie did not taste great. I got over-excited by all of the ingredients and made some unwise choices (including adding way too many of them!) and… yeah… the less said about that the better!

smoothie wars - the smoothies

Not to worry though, now that I have a Nutri Ninja in my life I’ll be creating all sorts of delicious concoctions that I’ll share with you. This device is really handy and blends any fruit, vegetables and even ice in a minute or less, making sure to extract all the nutrients from them. It’s easy to use and has set blend programmes (Blend and Ultra-blend) to keep things simple, and (almost) most excitingly of all, the blending cups double up as drinking cups as they come with “sip and seal” lids. Handy!

This was such a fun event and I’d like to thank our hosts at the lovely café, The Post Box in Chorlton, who provided some delicious food and drink. I’ll definitely be heading back here as it’s one of those seriously cute independent cafes that I just love, with its unique personality and tasty local menu.

The Post Box Chorlton - food

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