Frozen Elsa Nails

I don’t review nail polish often as there’s really not much to say about it. I generally stick to my favourite two brands (Barry M and Models Own) and just keep a small collection of my favourite colours. But when I tried out this blue Barry M Glitterati polish (in V.I.P. GTNP5) I thought it would be worth a post for two reasons:

  1. It’s the perfect Queen Elsa colour and inspired me to watch my Disney Frozen DVD as I was painting my nails – perfect Sunday fun!
  2. I have been disappointed by glitter nail polish so many times before that I never usually buy it, so this was a bit of an experiment – and one that paid off.
barry m blue glitterati
Barry M Glitterati VIP nails
Blue sparkly nail polish

I don’t know about you but I’m always disappointed by glitter nail polish – it looks fabulously glitzy in the bottle but too often the glitter pieces are quite large and too few and far between in the polish. The resulting nails usually just look like they’ve been painted in clear polish with a couple of random blobs of glitter stuck on (which are then impossible to get off!).

So I thought this Glitterati polish was great! It has a blue translucent colour base for a start so your nails don’t look naked, and it’s jam-packed with glitz. It doesn’t have large distinct pieces of glitter floating in it – it’s just very sparkly and pretty. Perfect Christmas party polish!

blue sparkly elsa nails
blue glitter nail polish

And I definitely feel like I’m Queen Elsa with my nails like this!

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