The Tea Tag

I saw this tag over on Leona’s blog, and because I love tea so very much I decided to take part!

the tea tag

What was the first kind of tea you ever had?

  • It was regular old English breakfast tea, and that’s still the main tea I think of when I have cups of tea.

What is the best place to have tea – at home or in a coffee shop?

  • There are some great little tea shops in Manchester, like Proper Tea and Sugar Junction, where they really know how to make a great pot of tea. But really I always find that tea tastes so much better at home!

Do you prefer hot tea or cold tea?

  • Always hot! Cold tea is not tea. It’s just not!

When do you drink tea – morning, evening or afternoon?

  • All the time! I have a morning cup every day, one or two during the day, and no evening would ever be complete without a brew!

What is your go-to tea?

  • I mainly just drink Tetley’s English breakfast tea. However I have also started branching out since I went to a tea workshop at Proper Tea in Manchester, and realised how nice some other teas can be!

What is your favourite seasonal tea?

  • One of my Secret Santas bought me a Christmas tea, which is flavoured with all sorts of festive winter spices and peels. It tastes (and smells) delicious – it’s just like drinking mulled tea!

What do you put in your tea?

  • If we’re talking about breakfast tea then I add milk and half a sugar. I don’t add anything to any other teas.

Do you prefer your tea weak or strong?

  • Strong!

How did you get started in the wonderful world of teas?

  • I can’t remember exactly as it was so long ago, but I think it was probably my Grandma who introduced me to it when we went round for lunch every Sunday as children. Grandmas just love tea and it probably inspired me to try it!

What kind of tea are you most keen to try?

  • I’ve tried quite a lot of amazing teas thanks to the tea workshop I mentioned earlier. I had no idea that a good quality loose leaf green tea could be so delicious! I don’t have any teas in mind to try, but I’d definitely consider being more adventurous if I’m buying tea at a specialist tea shop like that – they really know their tea!

What is the worst tea you’ve ever tasted?

  • I bought some fruit-flavoured tea bags once, probably hoping they’d taste like fruit juice. They did not.

Do you prefer loose tea or teabags

  • I love loose tea – it’s far nicer. But for convenience I mostly use teabags.

Teacup or mug

  • Apparently a bone china mug is supposed to make tea taste amazing, but I don’t believe it as my tea always tastes nicest in my favourite mugs.

Best night-time tea?

  • Just a regular old Tetley’s brew please.

What is the number one tea you’d recommend?

  • Well aside from my old faithful breakfast tea I’d recommend experimenting in a good quality tea shop where the staff can recommend some of their best teas. It really opened my eye to the true world of tea!
pretty tea pot

I love tea.

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