Nola Vodka Spritz and a Girls’ Night In

Nola recently got in touch with me to see if I wanted to try some of their Vodka Spritz drink. Well of course I did, and not least because one glass has 35% fewer calories than one glass of wine – brilliant! I’m not doing a dry January (I don’t drink regularly enough to bother) but I am dieting and being generally healthier, so a lower-calorie drink is just perfect for this time of year.

girls night in
Nola vodka spritz

Look at the gorgeous box that it all came in!

Nola Vodka Spritz was created with groups of girlfriends in mind, so I decided to try out these bottles and cans of the watermelon & strawberry and raspberry & elderflower flavours alongside a girlie night in with DVDs that my boyfriend won’t watch, scented candles and other (relatively) guilt-free treats to enjoy. An evening designed to counteract the January blues!

girlie sleepover
Low calorie fizz drink
Nola girls night in

The packaging is so stylish and feminine, so it really appealed to me, and we thought both flavours of the Vodka Spritz were enjoyable – it’s fruity, fizzy and refreshing. It’s found with the pre-mixed spirits in the supermarket, and as it’s sweet and the alcoholic content is much lower than wine, I think it’s a perfect alterative drink for a girlie (guilt-free) get together!

Has anyone else tried Nola Vodka Spritz?

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One thought on “Nola Vodka Spritz and a Girls’ Night In

  1. Oooo….. these sound really nice…. unfortunately I am partaking in dry January… so cant go out and try them…. yet! I like the sound of the girly night though, im long over due one here.

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