Rock on Ruby Blog Swap

It’s always nice to meet up with other Manchester and North West bloggers, and this week Rock on Ruby hosted a fab event for us – the #RORBlogSwap. The idea of the Blog Swap was to re-gift/trade items of clothing, accessories and unused beauty items, because we all have some unwanted items gathering dust that someone else would just love!

font bar manchester blogger event

When I arrived at Font Bar, which had been decorated in kitsch red and white and filled with tasty treats, I was issued with my “Ruby Pounds” in exchange for my pre-loved items. I’d brought 3 items of clothing/accessories and 3 beauty items, which meant I could take the same number away with me. And then I had to tag my items with my blog name and a little message, so that we’d all know which lovely bloggers had donated the items we went away with. This made it a very social and interactive event, so I got to chat with plenty of new and familiar blogger faces, whilst nibbling on party rings and cupcakes!

blog swap sale manchester

manchester blog swap sale

I was pleased to see my items going to new homes, and I was happy to walk away with some cute pieces myself, including the ones pictured below! I’m sure we all felt that we got a great deal by trading unused items for new ones that we actually want, but I have to say I’m particularly delighted to have walked away with a tube of Hand Food – which I’ve recently run out of and would have had to buy soon anyway! Bargain! And I’m looking forward to wearing my new clothing pieces too – so big thanks to Eve and also Emma (Emma by Design) who previously owned two of them.

Rock on Ruby Manchester blogger event

Rock on Ruby blog swap

It was a lovely event for a Saturday afternoon, and of course I also took advantage of the Rock on Ruby sale and got myself a cute cropped slogan sweater, which I’ll feature in a post very soon!

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2 thoughts on “Rock on Ruby Blog Swap

  1. Had a fabulous time at the event – what better way to spend an afternoon! it was lovely to meet you and hopefully our stylish paths will cross again soon xx

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