Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Easter Egg: review and Giveaway!

I’ve been dying to try one of the Hotel Chocolat extra thick shell Easter eggs for years, ever since I discovered that they existed. They seemed like the most luxurious and indulgent Easter eggs ever with their unbelievably thick shells and all the delicious treats that fill them, so when I got the chance to try “The Milk Egglet” I was actually giddy with excitement!

Hotel Chocolat easter egg competition

The first thing that I discovered was that these Easter eggs come in the most beautiful expensive-looking boxes, complete with black ribbons to finish them off. They’d make lovely gifts because they look so gorgeous, even before you get inside and stuck into the chocolate!

And of course the chocolate is amazing. “The Milk Egglet” egg is made from delicious creamy 40% milk chocolate, and if you look at the photo below you can see just how ridiculously thick that egg shell actually is! The size of the egg is only the same as a regular Easter egg would be but then the chocolate is 4 or 5 times thicker, which meant that I had to savour this luxurious treat over several days (there’s a serious amount of chocolate involved here!)

All Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs are filled with tasty treats and inside “The Milk Egglet” I got 12 mini egg-shaped truffles in 6 different flavours, including pecan praline, raspberry and white chocolate sealed in dark chocolate, and my favourite – the molten salted caramel. All of them had very distinctive flavours and were so rich that again I savoured them over a few days.

I had very high expectations of Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs after lusting after them for so many years and the experience did not disappoint!

Hotel Chocolat extra thick easter egg review
Hotel Chocolat easter egg extra thick

And excitingly I also have a second extra thick “The Milk Egglet” Easter egg to give to one lucky person!

To Enter:

The giveaway is open to UK-based readers of English Rose from Manchester, so simply…

Then email with this information:

  • Your name (of course)
  • Your Bloglovin’ Name or your WordPress user name or your email address if you subscribed by email.

A winner will be picked at random on 25th March, so get your entries in before then for the chance to win this luxurious Easter treat!

Good luck!

Easter egg prize provided c/o Hotel Chocolat

2 thoughts on “Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Easter Egg: review and Giveaway!

  1. ohhhhh i’ve been lusting after these eggs for years! i always promise myself i’ll get one next year but it never happens! …great blog btw….stumbled across it during my annual hotel chocolat google search (as you do lol) have subscribed and followed on bloglovin 🙂

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