Swap Old Clothes for Vouchers with H&M Conscious

Yesterday I took a bag of my old unwanted clothes to H&M and exchanged it for a £5 voucher. Winner! Maybe they’ve been doing this for a while and I’m a little slow off the mark but for me it’s quite an exciting new discovery considering I’ve been compiling a little H&M wish list and this £5 off (when I spend £30) will be most welcome.

hm conscious

It’s part of the H&M Conscious campaign and the idea behind it is to reduce textile waste from old or unwanted clothing. Have a read about the garment collecting initiative here.

What’s great from a customer’s perspective is that the garments you hand in can be any brand, in any condition (which is nice because I hate throwing clothes in the bin even if they’re really tatty), and could also even be home textiles such as bedding. For every bag handed in you get a £5 voucher (up to 2 vouchers per day), which I think is a great incentive.

Well done H&M for taking another step towards a sustainable fashion future! And here are some of my current H&M favourites that I’m considering putting my voucher towards.

h&m wishlist
  1. Draped dress
  2. Black cut-out sandals
  3. Bucket bag
  4. Push-up bra
  5. Floral cut-out swimsuit
  6. Stripe knit dress

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