Keeping Happy

It’s been quite a bad week at work (one of the worst), and it’s at times like this that I like to do/plan things that make me happy, whether they’re big things or small. Here’s what I’ve been indulging myself with just to make sure I’m still smiling.

keeping happy
  • Reading all 7 Harry Potter books

I’ve not read the full Harry Potter series start-to-finish for many years, which is hard to believe when I think of how much I love these books! So that’s what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks, and I’m enjoying myself more than I can say!

  • Winning competitions

I’m sure at some point we’ve all felt that it’s pointless entering competitions because we never win anything. I know that’s usually what I think anyway, so imagine my absolute delight at winning this lovely competition by Cassiefairy and the prize of a birthday party with Daisy the vintage caravan. Birthday plans = sorted!

  • Holiday planning

Making holiday plans for the boyfriend’s special birthday counts as a “big thing”, especially as we’re planning a holiday that’s a bit different for us. Definitely something that’s got me excited!

  • Summer events and friend times

It’s going to be a summer of weddings, hen parties, birthday celebrations, picnic concerts and more, and I cannot wait!

  • Dance-spiration

I can’t believe it took me so long to sit down and watch Burlesque on Netflix. I finally watched it last weekend and I’m obsessed with the soundtrack and the dancing, and together with the fact that I watched some of my friends in a show full of great dancing recently, I have now got the dancing bug and I’m hunting down some local dance classes to join. Bye-bye gym membership; hello fun and fulfilling dance classes!

  • Sunshine-ready clothes

And finally, I’ve been getting ready for the summer sun (it’s definitely on its way!) with a bit of shopping.

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