Tropic Skincare Exfoliating Cleansing Block

My love affair with Tropic Skincare is continuing. Their gorgeous products are all vegan, natural and cruelty-free, and I think they’re so luxurious and lovely. I’ve even discovered a spa in Manchester that uses Tropic skincare products in their treatments, because as they say, “they’re the best!”

And the latest product I’ve been using is this 100% natural, exfoliating cleansing block, which I received for my birthday. It’s quite a chunky block, which will last me ages and is basically like a luxurious body soap.

Tropic cleansing bar

The first thing I noticed about the cleansing block as I opened the lovely wrapping was the coconut scent, which I just love! That’s because the cleansing element is derived from coconut oil (one of my fave things ever). And now I’m really enjoying using it. It’s creamy from the shea butter ingredient and it also contains green clay for detoxifying and soothing oatmeal, so overall it’s a great cleansing product. I’m not convinced by the exfoliating properties though. It does contain ground rice, but it’s not overloaded with it so I find the exfoliating effect is very gentle. Actually I’m quite happy with that fact as I don’t want anything too abrasive, but personally I wouldn’t recommend it as an exfoliating product.

Tropic exfoliating cleansing block

Overall though – a lovely cleansing bar!

5 thoughts on “Tropic Skincare Exfoliating Cleansing Block

  1. First time I’ve heard about this brand but I will see if I can order any online!! Looks interesting xx

  2. Hey, what’s the spa in Manc that uses these products? I’m in need of some recommendations and anything cruelty free is fab!!

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