Pre-Holiday Beauty Treatments

Our summer holiday was very late this year (we’ve just got back), so apologies for the September holiday posts! Anyway, I wanted to talk about the two beauty treatments that I only ever have when it’s holiday time, because whilst I can’t justify the cost on a regular basis I think they are more than worth the money for summer holidays.

beauty header

Gel nails

I always prefer painted nails to nude ones, but there’s no way regular nail polish would last through a holiday that’s a week or longer, especially not with all the swimming. And taking nail polish on holiday is such a hassle! So this year for the second time I decided to have a shellac gel manicure. I actually booked this through the Treatwell app so got a great last minute deal, and it was well worth the investment!  I chose a pale pink that would go with all my holiday outfits, and even after 2 weeks my nails are completely chip free! I can definitely recommend a gel manicure for perfect hassle-free holiday nails, and would also recommend the nail technician at Spa Satori in Manchester, who did an amazing job!

shellac manicure pale pink

Eyebrow and eyelash tint

This is not relevant for everyone, but if you’re a blondie like me then you look quite, er, weird without any eye makeup. I’ve had a few eyelash tints over the years in preparation for holidays because it means I can still look like someone with eyelashes when I’m by the pool or on the beach. However it was the first time I’ve ever combined it with an eyebrow tint, which I decided to do because I’ve become quite obsessed with my brows and would rather they didn’t “disappear” when I wear no makeup. Thanks to my brow and lash tint (which pretty much lasted the full holiday) my makeup-free holiday face looked a bit less scary! Again I booked a local last minute appointment through Treatwell at Pure Pour Homme Pour Femme salon in Swinton, and I even got it cheaper with a money-off voucher. This will definitely be part of my pre-holiday routine next year!

Do you have any pre-holiday beauty rituals?

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