Complete Party Looks for Under £70

It’s time to start picking out party outfits for the Christmas season, but don’t worry – they don’t need to break the bank. I’ve put together 5 gorgeous party outfits that all come in at under £70 (including shoes and bags!!) – bargain!

I don’t know about you, but you can’t go too sparkly at this time of year, so you’ll see plenty of sequined and glittery pieces here. And the outfits are all perfect for different types of parties, so I hope you find at least one that’s your style!

Party look 1: £64.99

Party look: Sequin mini dress

1. Sequin dress (£25 from ASDA); 2. Clutch (£10 from Matalan); 3. Ankle boots (£29.99 from H&M)

Party outfit 2: £66.13

Party outfit - full red skirt

1. Earrings (£6.50 from Dorothy Perkins); 2. Crop top (£10 from Boohoo); 3. Jacquard skirt (£34.63 from Chicwish); 4. Shoes (£15 from Matalan)

Party outfit 3: £63.99

Party outfit - jumpsuit

1. Clutch (£6 from Matalan); 2. Sparkle culotte jumpsuit (£28 from Tesco); 3. Shoes (£29.99 from H&M)

Party outfit 4: £45.99

Party skirt - sequin skirt

1. Clutch (£8 from Boohoo); 2. Top (£10 from Matalan); 3. Heels (£18 from Matalan); 4. Sequin skirt (£9.99 from H&M)

Party outfit 5: £69.97

Party look - red velour dress

1. Clutch (£9.99 from New Look); 2. Necklace (£14.99 from New Look); 3. Velvet maxi dress (£25 from Boohoo); 4. Sandals (£19.99 from New Look)

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