Christmas Crafting Ideas

Christmas is the perfect time to get your craft on. Homemade decorations and gift wrap always have that lovely traditional homey look, and I love Christmas crafts more than any other crafts! Last weekend we went along to Kirsty Allsopp’s Handmade Christmas Fair in Manchester, and as part of our ticket package we did 3 of their crafting sessions.

First up was lino printed wrapping paper, where we perfected the skill of lino cutting and each created a festive-themed lino stamp that would make some lovely printed wrapping paper. As you can see I went for a Christmas bauble design, and my first printing attempt was bronze ink on purple tissue paper. However I’ve brought my stamp home and I think it will look really festive in red ink on rustic brown paper. So I’m looking forward to giving that a try!

Christmas lino print wrapping paper

Then our next session was quite a simple little make – cute felt lollipops. I’ll be hanging this one on my tree, but if I ever get round to it I think a series of them would look great as a Christmas garland or bunting.

Christmas decoration felt lollipop
DIY felt lollipop

Then finally we went along to Kitten Grayson’s Christmas Wreath session, where she demonstrated how to put together a lovely leafy Christmas wreath using fresh and dried foliage, flowers and berries. It’s sad but living in an apartment means I really don’t have anywhere to hang a wreath, but I do think they are the perfect Christmas decoration and would make great handmade gifts for your family members. And she did also suggest creating smaller wreaths and using them laid flat as table centrepieces, finished off with a traditional pillar candle. It’s definitely a craft project I’ll be trying out at some point.

Christmas wreath workshop

And finally, while we are on the subject of Christmas crafting I might as well share my festive mason jar, which I decorated with glitter and gems as part of the IWOOT Christmas blog event. I’m not really sure what to do with it… but it was fun, festive and cute to make!

DIY glitter mason jar

Will you be doing any Christmas crafting this year? If you fancy some more inspiration, check out some of my craft projects from Christmases past:

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