Foodie Christmas Gifts: Panettone

More and more I am finding that food items make the perfect Christmas gifts. Whether it’s individual items, like this gorgeously packaged classic Italian Panettone from, or bespoke food hampers that you’ve filled with various treats perfectly selected with your recipient in mind, at least you know that food gifts will always get used – I know I always appreciate them!


Panettone c/o 

I just love the idea of an Italian-themed food hamper, with luxury pastas, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and then some showstopping festive treats like this panettone or maybe a pandoro. Or what about a really festive German one containing gluhwein, gingerbread biscuits and unusual chocolates?! Of course, plenty of shops do sell ready-made food hampers, which saves on time, but there’s nothing like putting together your own, and it’s something I always enjoy doing.

Christmas Panettone
Classic Panettone
Traditional panettone

And if you’ve never enjoyed a traditional Italian Christmas Panettone then you should really taste one. I expected something really heavy and bread-like, but this one was light, airy and delicious and filled with candied peel and fruit. It was perfect served with a cup of tea and a Christmas film! Or why not serve with marscapone cream for a seriously indulgent festive treat?

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