Ziferblat – Pay For Your Time, Not Your Brew

It was a long time coming, but I’ve finally paid a visit to Manchester’s quirkiest concept cafe – Ziferblat! The idea behind Ziferblat is that you only pay for the time you spend there (6 pence per minute to be precise), and once you “check in” you can help yourself to unlimited hot and cold drinks, toast, crumpets, cakes, biscuits and sweet treats for free! There is a coffee maker along with flavoured syrups too, so you don’t have to miss out on the enjoyment of a hazelnut latte!

Ziferblat cafe Manchester
Cafe Ziferblat Manchester

What’s great is that it is set up like a huge living room with adjoining kitchen area, so you really do just help yourself to the food and drink. You can sit and chat with friends, read a book or even play one of the board games that they have there. They even have a microwave in the kitchen, which makes it ideal for mums with babies who want to heat up some milk or baby food.

I really loved the vibe in there during my visit. It felt very chilled and casual, and was a mix of people who had escaped inside after shopping on a very rainy Saturday, and people who had gone there especially to spend a few hours with friends.

When the time comes to leave, you simply “check out” and settle up for the time your spent in Ziferblat. And in case you haven’t done the maths yet, you should know that this all makes for a very reasonably-priced cup of coffee!

Pay as you stay cafe
Pay as you stay cafe Manchester

I’ll definitely be popping by again!

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