Choc Shot Liquid Chocolate

If you haven’t noticed, it’s very, very cold right now, and a comforting drink of hot chocolate is just the thing to warm up after a wintry weekend walk or on cold dark evenings when you get in from work. The only problem is that hot chocolate is a bit naughty! It’s usually something that I save as a bit of a treat, so I was pretty impressed when I discovered Choc Shot. It’s called the Liquid Chocolate Revolution and it is a 100% natural liquid chocolate that’s much healthier than all the calorific chocolate drinks out there and much nicer than the low calorie instant ones! Actually that’s not even why I bought it at first – I was just intrigued by the squeezy bottle and the classy-looking label (packaging is everything!)

Choc Shot liquid chocolate

But there are plenty of health reasons to give it a try:

  • Only 14 calories per teaspoon
  • Sweetened with fruit syrup, not sugar
  • Low GI / GL – no energy highs and lows
  • No artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives
  • GM, dairy & gluten free

Of course, the proof is in the tasting. I have tried it stirred into hot milk and hot almond milk and it’s really good! It is very rich and chocolatey, and much more satisfying than the instant “add water” hot chocolates (which don’t actually taste like hot chocolate). This tastes just like the hot chocolate flakes or stirrers that you melt into hot milk, but with slightly less guilt!

Choc Shot hot chocolate

Even better, Choc Shot is not just for drinking. I have also been stirring it through my porridge to make chocolate porridge (yum), and some other suggestions are to include it in smoothies, spread it on toast or even drizzle it over ice cream (one for the summer) or pancakes. It’s very easy to get hold of too. I think they sell it in health stores but I just bought mine from the hot drinks aisle of the Supermarket. I am so pleased with this find!

Choc shot chocolate porridge

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