9 Things You’ll Understand if You’re a Christmas Person

I’m a Christmas person and proud of it. For me it genuinely is the most wonderful time of the year, and I know I’m not alone in this. So if you’re a Christmas person too, this list will sound very familiar…

christmas person

1. Christmas is a season, not a day.

The weeks of build-up are usually better than Christmas Day itself.

2. It’s officially ok to get start getting excited as soon as Halloween is done!

Once November hits there is nothing to stop the excitement building!

Christmas leslie knope

3. December is actually too late to start thinking about Christmas

As I’m realising this year, there’s not enough time to fit everything in! I’ve hardly had time to watch any of my favourite Christmas films or do any Christmas crafting because there are too many Christmas gatherings, parties and lunches. Then there are things that I like to do every year such as visiting the Christmas markets, and on top of that is all the shopping and wrapping! Get started early, people!

4. It’s ok to think about people’s Christmas presents all year round

Drop hints any time you want – I am always listening out for ideas!


5. It’s disappointing that your home still has to be functional

All I want to do is remove all the ugly appliances and general life stuff and replace them with twinkly lights and decorations!

6. You put a lot more thought into your Christmas outfits than the rest of the year

It only comes once a year so you need to make sure you sparkle!


7. Truly terrible films get away with being terrible if they are Christmassy!

(The new Netflix film A Christmas Prince is a perfect example.)

8. Christmas traditions are sacred

It doesn’t matter if you do the same thing every year. Nostaligia is everything and Christmas is not a time for change!

9. Other people might not get it

Not everyone will share your love of Christmas. They may even think you’re rather odd…


10. The January blues hit you hard

By the time it’s all over you’ll definitely feel the comedown. If you truly love Christmas then you might even need to develop coping strategies for the January blues! Check out some of mine…


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