DIY Wedding Calligraphy

I developed an interest in calligraphy since I attended a Brush Calligraphy workshop a few years ago, and have been creating various calligraphy projects ever since. When it came to our wedding stationery I knew I’d want to incorporate beautiful lettering, and once I realised how expensive it could be to have invites printed with metallic text I knew it would have to be a DIY project! Obviously I had to put in a lot of practice to make sure my finished items were actually wedding worthy, but I’m really happy with how everything looked. And now that our big day is in the past I thought I’d share our wedding calligraphy with you for inspiration, as well as all of my recommended materials and helpful sources.

DIY wedding invitation calligraphy

DIY Wedding Calligraphy Invitations

We designed our wedding invitations ourselves using Photoshop and some pretty floral illustrations that we purchased from Etsy, and actually also printed them ourselves on good quality linen-textured card. The only part that didn’t get printed were our two names in calligraphy which I added onto each invite later in rose-gold metallic ink.

When it came to selecting the calligraphy style, we settled on one from my favourite calligraphy blog, The Postman’s Knock. I thought “Janet” was a pretty and elegant style, but still readable which is important for an invite.

DIY calligraphy wedding invitation

DIY Mirror Table Plan

Ornate mirror table plans are rather popular right now, and no wonder because they look so striking. I DIY-ed the whole of ours using a mirror I was able to buy for just £15 from The Range. I attempted to recreate our names from the wedding invites in faux calligraphy using a white glass pen (which didn’t turn out perfectly, but I’m still happy with), and then continued with the rose gold calligraphy for our table name headers.

DIY mirror table plan

DIY Calligraphy Table Names and Settings

We then continued the rose gold calligraphy through to the tables, with a simple design of handwritten table names on linen-textured card, and cute handwritten personal place settings. I made the executive decision to simplify the lettering style slightly for the place settings because the font was just too fancy for the smaller size!

Simple calligraphy wedding table names
DIY calligraphy wedding table names

Calligraphy place setting

The materials I used

  • Wooden Oblique Penholder and Nikko G Nib. This is apparently a great nib for beginners.
  • Finetec Bronze Ink Refill.
  • White Linen Cardstock. Using a textured card did hinder my calligraphy a little, but I adapted to it and it worked out fine in the end.
  • SAVFY Super Thin A4 Light LED Box. This was simply to allow me to follow ruled guidelines without drawing them on every invitation. It isn’t an essential piece of kit but it saved so much time and energy! I printed out ruled guidelines from The Postman’s Knock.
  • Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Marker, Medium Point, White. This was for writing on the mirror.
  • I also used a paper trimmer to ensure everything had neat edges, and masking tape for creating guidelines on the mirror.

Great resources for your DIY calligraphy projects

  • The Postman’s Knock is my number one online resource when it comes to calligraphy. It is full of helpful posts, printable guides, practise worksheets and general advice. Plus, this was where I found the calligraphy style that we went with.
  • I also definitely benefitted from a beginners calligraphy workshop that I did with Artsynibs a few years ago and would recommend something like this if you are serious about starting up calligraphy.

I hope this post inspires some of you to try some calligraphy projects, and if so, that you find some of this information helpful. I’m so happy with how our DIY pieces turned out and love that we had something handcrafted by me personally as part of our big day.

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