The GHD Air Hairdryer, Reviewed

I’ve had the same heavy old hairdryer for about 10 years, and although it still works I decided at last that it was about time I upgraded. As a birthday treat to myself I invested in the GHD Air hairdryer, which was £89 from John Lewis. I’d heard great things about both this hairdryer and the Dyson Supersonic, but I felt £300 for the Dyson was way too expensive. So GHD Air it is, and I’ve now been using it for about 5 weeks I’m sharing my thoughts about whether this piece of kit is worth its hype.

GHD Air Hairdryer review

As a bit of background info, my hair is very long and very thick, and washing it is quite a commitment. Drying it is just a nightmare to be honest, and I had huge expectations that a new and decent hairdryer would change my life. No pressure.

The GHD Air is very a sleek-looking hairdryer which looks and feels professional quality. In my £89 box I got one attachment – the concentrator nozzle. It’s an extra £15 for the diffuser attachment, but I was fine without this as I’ll admit I rarely use hairdryer attachments anyway.

GHD Air Hairdryer

GHD Air Hairdryer reviews

So after 5 weeks I’m finding it enjoyable to use. I wasn’t initially struck by it feeling lighter than my previous hairdryer, but the more I use the GHD Air the more I realise that it definitely is. I don’t find myself getting tired and cross drying my hair anymore (you’ll understand if you have long, time-consuming hair to dry!) and this is partially due to the lighter weight hairdryer. It’s also due to it being a far superior hairdryer, which it has helped cut my hair drying time almost in half! This is thanks to a 2100W motor and a unique high pressure air flow system. I’m even using the cool setting and still drying my hair much quicker, which is great news for my hair’s health (and great in this hot weather we’ve been having).

Another plus for the GHD Air is the noise level – it’s just so much quieter than my previous dryer, I can’t even explain! Early morning/late night drying guilts are quite simply a thing of the past.

I am also really pleased with the sleek finish I am getting using this hairdryer, which is something I wasn’t expecting. I don’t think it is a stretch to say it “delivers a salon style finish” because just the other day my husband asked me if I’d had my hair done, when I’d simply blow dried it myself. This is probably the “advanced ionic technology” which is meant to “reduce frizz and flyaways”. Whatever it is, it’s working well for me.

So it’s a 100% positive review from me. I don’t know how the Dyson compares, but I can’t see how an extra £210 would have been worth it when this is so great! Of course I only have my old hairdryer as comparison, but for me the GHD Air has been a really worthwhile investment.

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