Buddha Beauty Winter Facial

November is such a great time to treat your skin. As the weather turns colder and especially as we start turning up our indoor heating, our skin could really use a bit of TLC. So last weekend I took a trip over to leafy Chorlton and the charming Buddha Beauty salon to enjoy a Winter Facial.

Buddha Beauty Chorlton

You may never have heard of this cute little salon if you’re not a local, and if you paid a visit to Chorlton you may even miss it as it’s tucked away down a cobbled path. But as the first vegan salon in Manchester it’s worth taking note of. They use all their own range of lovely organic skincare products which are certified cruelty free and suitable for vegans.

The Winter Facial was just perfect for these cold November days. (For one thing I was cosy and warm the whole time, wrapped up in a soft blanket on a heated bed!) The 1-hour treatment involved a deep cleanse, exfoliation and a hot facial steam to remove impurities, followed by a mask, nourishing serum and hydrating moisturiser. I’m not sure what all the products used were, but they were all very gentle and there was a lot of rose involved (I love rose products and recognised the scent), and they were all Buddha Beauty’s own range.

The Winter Facial cost me £30 for an hour, which I thought well worth it! It was a gorgeous relaxing winter treat, and as a bonus my skin was lovely and nourished afterwards.

Buddha Beauty Chorlton

This wasn’t my first visit to Buddha Beauty. I’ve previously enjoyed a fantastic full body scrub, and it’s also where I had my wedding nails done (they lasted ages!). I find it such a calming salon to visit on a weekend, and always enjoy a leisurely stroll around Chorlton’s little shops afterwards. And while I am there I usually treat myself to one of their products – this time I opted for one of their vegan candles in Winter Spice scent, which will be lovely for the run-up to Christmas.

Have you heard of Buddha Beauty? If not, I’d thoroughly recommend them to vegans and non-vegans alike.


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