Add These 5 Lesser-known Films to Your 2019 Watch List

In between old Disney favourites and new Marvel blockbusters, I sometimes find time to discover hidden gem movies. They’re films I hadn’t heard of before and usually discover by accident because I’ve already watched all of the more mainstream options that Netflix recommends to me. So in collaboration with Panasonic, inspired by the Panasonic wireless home cinema system, I’m recommending 5 lesser-known movies I have discovered that are available to stream in the UK right now. If you’re looking to discover a hidden gem, add these to your watch list.

The Invisible Guest

The Invisible Guest

This Spanish crime thriller kept me on my toes the whole time, and even though it is entirely subtitled, this didn’t distract from the action. It’s the story of a business man awaiting trial for the suspected murder of his lover, though he has always claimed to have been set up. As he discusses details of his story to his defence attorney (and to us through flashbacks), more and more doubt creeps in as to what actually happened. It reminded me of The Usual Suspects because it has so many layers of plot twists which are gradually uncovered. So if you’re a fan of that then I’d totally recommend giving this one a go, as it’s not often that I am surprised by a movie I’ve never heard of!

  • Watch if you like thrillers full of twists.
  • Available on Netflix UK

An Evening with Beverley Luff Lin

Beverley Luff Lin

I was drawn to this obscure comedy because it features two of my favourite lesser-known actors Jermaine Clement and Aubrey Plaza, and as with all comedies, it will completely depend on your sense of humour whether you find it funny or just weird. It’s definitely full of weird characters and even weirder moments, but it turns out this style of deadpan comedy is right up my street. And despite not having much of a plot, it held my interest due to the sweet and amusing relationship developing between housewife Lulu, and the hilariously uncool Colin and I found the ending really touching too. Plus, Colin’s line “It was a pleasure to buy you tampons” might just be the most relatable and romantic line in any film ever!

  • Watch if you like obscure comedies.
  • Available on Netflix UK

What we Do in the Shadows

What We Do In The Shadows

I’m forever recommending this movie, but to be honest it totally depends on your sense of humour whether you’ll love it like I do. The deadpan comedy in this mockumentary is totally my jam, and it’s full of vampire movie parody as 4 vampires from different centuries deal with modern life issues in their New Zealand flat share situation. And if (like me) you end up wanting more from Director Taika Waititi after watching this, his debut movie Eagle vs Shark is also available on Amazon Prime, and Thor: Ragnarok is on Now TV.

  • Watch if you like obscure comedies.
  • Available on Amazon Prime



This documentary film about primatologist Jane Goodall will appeal to anyone with an interest in wildlife, but also anyone who loves a biography about a truly interesting person. It was pieced together from archived National Geographic footage, and it’s amazing how much of her story was able to be captured on film. I find Jane’s story truly inspirational. As a young woman in the 1950s she had no interest in a traditional female role, and instead pursued her dream of living in Africa and working with animals. Despite having no prior scientific training she landed the opportunity of being able to spend years observing and recording chimpanzee cultures and behaviours in the wild in Tanzania, and eventually became the world’s leading expert on the subject, as well as an activist for animal rights.

  • Watch if you like biographical documentaries or stories of female empowerment.
  • Available on Netflix UK

What Happened to Monday

What Happened to Monday

An intriguing Netflix Original sci-fi movie, set in a dystopia where there is a one-child policy in place to manage population growth. The plot follows 7 identical septuplets who have to hide their existence and survive by sharing one identity. Only one of them is ever allowed to leave their apartment at any one time and they each have an allocated day of the week to live the life of “Karen”. I loved the whole concept of this movie, and the plot really picks up pace when six of the sisters have to investigate what has happened to “Monday” when she goes missing on her day.

  • Watch if you like dystopian sci-fi.
  • Available on Netflix UK

What hidden gems have you discovered recently?

Disclaimer: This post is a paid collaboration with Panasonic. All opinions are honest and my own.

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