Review: Personalised Children’s Books from Wonderbly

Books are always a lovely gift for children, but they’re even more special when your child can actually be the hero of the story. Wonderbly is a site that creates personalised books for children aged 0-12, where your child can become the hero of over 20 magical stories. I first became aware of Wonderbly because of one of their most popular books “Lost My Name”, where the entire story changes based on the letters of the child’s name. This book looked lovely, so I was really excited to be given the chance to work with Wonderbly to create 2 (gifted) books for my nephews.

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Personalised Children's Books

I found it really easy to create my books, simply by adding in my nephews’ names and choosing the details of their appearance. What’s also nice is that you can add your own personal message to the first page of the book to make it extra special. And before I finalised my order I was able to review every page of my stories to see what they looked like (this feature was also useful when choosing the perfect stories for them, as I could see the entire book this way.)

“I Love You This Much” Personalised Book

The first book I created was from their new parents range, for my 18 month old nephew Sam and his Mummy. Actually this book comes in lots of variations (Mummy, Daddy, Grandma etc), and could be a nice gift for a parent or grandparent from the child. This variation is called “Sam Loves His Mummy This Much” and is all about my little blonde nephew and the things he enjoys doing with his mummy.

Wonderbly Mummy Book
Personalised Mummy Book
Personalised Toddler Book
Personalised Love Book

The watercolour illustrations are all very pretty and the little boy actually looks like my nephew, which is lovely. Every second page features his name so there is a decent amount of personalisation involved, making it worth the money. And another feature of this story was that I could choose from 4 different colours for the front cover – I went with yellow as it is my sister’s favourite. I think this is a really sweet book that a child and their parent/grandparent can enjoy reading together.

“Where Are You…?” Personalised Journey Through Time

The second book I created is a “Where’s Wally”-style personalised historical adventure, which is recommended for ages 4-10. Even though my other nephew is not quite 4, I thought the book was a good choice for him as he enjoys finding things on busy pages, and he would be able to enjoy it for a few years to come.

In this story my blonde-haired nephew Max receives a time machine and travels to 5 different historical eras. Each era has has a “Where’s Wally”-style page full of interesting historical elements, and my nephew in his period costume hidden amongst them.

Find yourself book
Personalised Find Yourself Book
Personalised Where's Wally Book
Personalised Child's Book

In this book I was able to personalise both his first and last name, and as a nice touch, the name is adapted for each era, so in Ancient Roman times “Max” becomes “Maxius”. I also think his character avatar is really cute! I love this book and think it’s one of the standouts in the Wonderbly range. It’s a really fun interactive story, and it’s so much more fun to find yourself than Wally! It’s full of details and there are also lots of other things to hunt for on the pages, so it has the potential to be interesting to a child for a long time.

Wonderbly Personalised Books

I love both of my Wonderbly creations, and hope my nephews get plenty of enjoyment out of them. I think a Wonderbly book would make a lovely unique and personal gift for a child’s birthday, and the new parents books could be good for Mothers/Fathers Day too.

Remember too, you can get £10 off your first book with this refer a friend link, or my refer a friend name ENGLISH ROSE.

Disclosure: The items featured in this post were gifted. The opinions stated are honest and my own.

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