Card Game Review: Jibbergiggle

I love quirky card games. It’s something I’ve written about before in my post 3 Card Games You Didn’t Know You Needed in Your Life. I particularly like ones that are portable enough to carry in my bag and be whipped out in a café with friends, and ones that are simple to learn and hilarious to play when drinking alcohol at a games night. That’s why I was excited to be given the chance to try out Jibbergiggle by Gamely Games – “The Hilarious Game of Spouting Nonsense”.

Jibbergiggle Card Game

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In a nutshell, the aim of the game is to guess which scenarios are being “acted out” by another player using nothing but specified nonsense words and facial expressions. Sounds theatrical and silly? Two big ticks from me!

How to play Jibbergiggle

There are 8 rounds of scenario cards, which get increasingly difficult, and a deck of “Jibbergiggle” cards which contain nonsense words.

In each round, 9 scenario cards are displayed in a grid for the whole group to see (including the top card of the deck in the centre). Taking it in turns, one person takes a Jibbergiggle card and uses one of the 3 nonsense words on it to act out a scenario of their choice from the grid, using nothing but their facial and vocal expressions! It’s then a race for the remaining players to guess the correct scenario. The player guessing correctly gets to keep the scenario card, and an extra card is dealt from the deck to complete the grid again.

Jibbergiggle Card Game cards

There are some additional rules, such as each player only gets one guess per go, so once they guess incorrectly they can’t guess again. And players have to shout “Jibbergiggle” before guessing (the game reminded me a bit of LINKEE in this respect).

Each round is won when a player wins 10 cards or whoever has the most cards when only 3 scenarios are left in the round, and then the game moves onto the next round.

What you can expect with Jibbergiggle

I’ve played games like this before with my friends, and it’s right up our street! I honestly can’t wait to play it with them with a bottle of wine and an actual gathering! Plus, the box fits in the palm of your hand, so it’s perfect for carrying about.

But even in these lockdown times I think it’s a great game to play, It’s the perfect game to play over Zoom with a bit of adaptation, as it’s all about facial expressions! It just requires a shared WhatsApp group to share visuals of the scenario grid and the Jibbergiggle cards.

I’d recommend Jibbergiggle for gatherings of 3-8 people, especially ones where alcohol is involved, and especially if those people are theatrical or like to embrace silliness and nonsense!

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