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DIY Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

Tis the season for Christmas crafting, and my latest project has been these stuffed felt ornaments for the Christmas tree. I just love making my own tree ornaments! These ones were so simple to make, and I think they look really cute on my tree, so I thought I’d share my little guide on how to make them.

What You’ll Need

This project actually came about because I had a lot of buttons and beads lying around, including some cute wooden star buttons, which I thought would look perfect as part of a Christmas make. There are a few other bits you’ll have to gather to be able to make these decorations:


  1. Step one is to cut your felt into Christmas tree shapes. I searched online for a nice simple tree outline and traced it onto tracing paper, which I then cut out to use as a template for the felt. You’ll need to cut out 2 tree shapes for each ornament, for the front and back.
  2. Use simple cotton thread to sew a range of buttons and beads to the outside face of your tree shapes. I decorated the front and back, but I left the top star off for now. I’d advise not sewing them too close to the edges, as you’ll need this space for the stitching.
  3. Pin the 2 pieces of the tree together, wrong sides together. Position your hanging ribbon/cord loop between the pieces at the top, and use cotton to sew it securely in place.
  4. Sew the two tree pieces together around the edge using 2 strands of embroidery thread and a blanket stitch (this is a nice visual guide on how to do a blanket stitch). Before you get to the end, leave a small gap and stuff the tree lightly with toy stuffing. Then finish off closing up the tree with your blanket stich.
  5. Sew a star button to the top of the tree on the front side. I leave this until last so I can cover up the other stitches in that area.

And there you have it! Very simple festive decorations for your Christmas tree, and an enjoyable craft project to do while you watch Christmas movies this year. They’d also make really cute handmade gifts for friends and family too, so why not create a whole batch!

Have you created any DIY Christmas decorations this year?

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