Planning the Perfect Cornwall Holiday

We were recently lucky enough to enjoy a week away in the Norfolk Broads, and the break was so wonderful we have already started thinking about opportunities for other UK-based escapes this year. Booking a trip abroad right now is just not worth the risk or the hassle, and we have always enjoyed our UK holidays. Provided that restrictions allow we would just love a late summer break, and the place we fancy visiting most of all is Cornwall. We’ve only been once in recent years and it was so lovely that we think it is about time we returned to explore more of this beautiful part of the country.

Cornwall Beach Holiday
Cornwall Coastal View

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Where to stay in Cornwall

There are some lovely hotels in Cornwall, and whether you are looking for spa luxury, seaside views or quirky inns with plenty of character, there are plenty of options for every budget. Alternatively, a self catered cottage could offer a more secluded type of break, and is another great option, particularly for week-long stays.

As for where in Cornwall to stay, we have already visited St Mawes, Falmouth and the surrounding area, but there are so many other pretty places to explore in this county. On my personal wish list are St Ives, Polperro, Marazion, Padstow and Penzance, and that’s just for starters!

Eating Out in Cornwall

We have missed eating out so much this past year! It is always one of my favourite things to do on holiday, and Cornwall offers opportunities for country pub lunches, fish and chips at the seaside, fresh seafood restaurants, cream teas in coastal cafes and much more. I’d also be making time in my plans for picnics at the seaside – the great thing about a Cornish escape is that I can pack my picnic hamper in the car! – and of course at least one ice cream per day.

Cornwall Dining

Cornish Beach Days

Cornwall famously has the most amazing beaches, including Kynance Cove, Pedn Vounder and Perranporth. And as well as the most popular beaches, there are also plenty of secret hidden gems, perfect for avoiding the crowds on sunny days! Exploring to find cute private coves is a lovely way to spend a day, but just be cautious when it comes to tide times and tiny beaches with no lifeguards.

Cornwall Beach Holiday
Cornwall Beach Holiday

Visiting the Cutest Towns

Cornwall’s cute towns and villages are just the best for discovering cute shops selling artisan gifts and handmade accessories, tea shops and tiny local art galleries. I love exploring towns and villages like these and stopping off for lunch, and it’s always a mission of mine to buy something memorable and useful.

Cornwall Harbour

Boat Trips

Almost every holiday we have ever been on as a couple has involved some sort of boat trip, and Cornwall is obviously perfect for this. We are not surfers (which is something else Cornwall is great for), so instead we are likely to hunt out something like a river boat trip from St Mawes to Truro. Just keep in mind that due to current guidelines, some tour operators and boat trip providers might not be operating at full capacity, or may have restrictions in place.

Cornwall Coastal View

What Else to Do in Cornwall

Cornwall has the most stunning scenery, and exploring nature, going for coastal walks and discovering areas of natural beauty would definitely be on my list.

And I also have Cornwall’s outdoor Minack Theatre on my bucket list. I’d love to watch a show or play there!

Cornwall Coastal View

Why I Love a UK Holiday

Thanks to plenty of research, we always choose great holiday destinations and have lovely holidays. We love visiting Europe, and some of our favourite destinations have been there. But as with 2020 this year is looking risky for travelling abroad, and honestly I’m completely fine with that for now. I absolutely love a UK holiday, especially to coastal destinations like Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Wales. Sometimes I prefer it to going abroad, and not just because the UK has some stunning destinations. Here are 3 of my favourite reasons to embrace a UK holiday (and why I won’t miss going abroad for a while):


No luggage limits or restrictions means we can fill up our car with anything we might need. Anything at all. This is great for when the weather is uncertain – I can pack for sunny days, chilly days and rainy days. But also I can pack bulky picnic hampers, camping chairs chairs, heavy cameras, etc. If you’re a painter you could even pack your art supplies – after all, Cornwall has been known to inspire countless artists. If you drive and have a car, there is no need to pack light and I love it.


Ok so it’s not a short drive to Cornwall, but I would take a long drive over a long flight any day. I do not enjoy the airport experience, and my first day abroad is always one of travel sickness, flight anxiety and tiredness. I love the freedom of driving somewhere, but even if I had to travel by train I think I’d still prefer that to flying.

No Nonsense

The nonsense surrounding travelling abroad got worse with Brexit and I can’t be bothered right now. In the UK there’s no need for currency exchange (or even dealing with cash most of the time). I don’t need to worry about wifi or whether roaming is going to be free. I don’t need to think about passports, tickets and documents. UK trips are the most hassle-free type of escape. And if that’s not what we need right now I don’t know what is!

Are you planning a UK escape for later this year?

Note: Make sure you consider the constantly changing travel requirements relating to COVID-19 when planning any trips. This may include the need for pre-travel COVID-19 testing or quarantine on arrival.

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