Be Inspired: Summer Botanical Cocktails

Warm summer evenings are the perfect excuse to enjoy a refreshing cocktail, and if you fancy mixing up something a little unusual and adding a hint of nature, perhaps you’d consider adding fresh herbs to your list of ingredients and creating a botanical cocktail. I teamed up with Ness Botanical Gardens to show how herbs … Continue reading Be Inspired: Summer Botanical Cocktails

What I Did For My 32nd Birthday

It was birthday at the weekend and even though I’m making my way through my early 30s faster than I’d like, I had a lovely time celebrating with friends and family. I had two birthday gatherings, both involving cake, wine and games. Last weekend with my friends at Home Sweet Home in Manchester (by the way, … Continue reading What I Did For My 32nd Birthday

NYC-Inspired Dining at The Pen and Pencil

Manchester's Mad Men-inspired bar The Pen and Pencil has a new evening menu, and last week I went along to check it out. I've never actually been before, but I've heard a lot about this place and as soon as I walked in I could see why it has become so popular. It has a … Continue reading NYC-Inspired Dining at The Pen and Pencil

Restaurant Review: Australasia, Manchester

I’ve heard a lot about Manchester’s iconic Australian and South East Asian restaurant and cocktail bar ever since it opened in 2011. And as I’d only ever heard good things but never got around to trying it myself, I was very excited to receive an Australasia gift card last year as a Christmas present. So … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Australasia, Manchester

Yo! Sushi’s new Tokyo style street food menu

Shh… I have a confession to make. Before last week I had never been to Yo! Sushi. I know that seems crazy considering it’s been around since 2007, and it’s nothing to do with sushi itself because I really enjoy it. I guess it’s just that whenever I walk past Yo! Sushi it’s always very … Continue reading Yo! Sushi’s new Tokyo style street food menu