Sunday Brunch in Manchester

Brunch is quite possibly my favourite meal of the day. It’s not just because brunch food is the best food (and it really is!), it’s also because it’s the perfect time of day. Not so early that you’ve just rolled out of bed, yet still early enough to have the rest of the day ahead of you! Last weekend I enjoyed a boozy brunch date with my sister at All Bar One on King Street, which turned out to be the perfect spot in Manchester at 10am on a sunny Sunday. Considering it’s in central Manchester it’s such a peaceful location, and at brunch time it’s quiet enough that you may even be able to grab a table in All Bar One’s outdoor terrace. And then afterwards you are perfectly located to enjoy a leisurely stroll and a spot of shopping on King Street.

Brunch at All Bar One Manchester

The brunch menu at All Bar One covers everything from hot food to granola and pancakes, and of course includes avocado, which no self-respecting brunch menu can be without right now. We started off with some brunch cocktails (because, as the menu says “a brunch without a cocktail is just a sad, late breakfast”). I went for the deliciously orange Breakfast Martini, made from vodka, orange liqueur, peach schnapps, marmalade and orange juice, and my sister (who is pregnant but didn’t want to miss out) chose a refreshing virgin Mojito.

Breakfast Martini - All Bar One

Eggs Benedict - All Bar One

To be honest, the only downside to brunch is the choice you have to make – do you go for savoury classics, or something sweet and indulgent like French Toast or pancakes? On this occasion I went for a brunch classic – Eggs Benedict, and added the optional half sliced avocado. And I have to say I was impressed! The poached eggs and lemon hollandaise were delicious, and I really loved the toasted omega-3 seed sprinkle, which I’ve never seen as an accompaniment to this dish before and thought it was really tasty.

My sister went more rustic, with the Smoked Bacon Roll, which was served with sour cream and chilli tomato jam, and she added the optional extra – pan fried potato hash. As you can see this was an impressive looking brunch as well!

Rustic Bacon Sub - All Bar One

Brunch c/o All Bar One.

Overall it was a lovely relaxed Sunday morning where we enjoyed a tasty brunch as well as some rare Manchester sunshine. What do you reckon? Is brunch the greatest meal of the day?

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One thought on “Sunday Brunch in Manchester

  1. Agreed – what’s not to like with brunch?! And it makes the day feel so much longer. I’ve only ever been to All Bar One for evening drinks, but food looks delicious so will definitely consider for brunch now. X

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