How to Embrace the Act of Self Gifting

Have you noticed it’s easier to spend money on someone else than for yourself? I don’t mean on necessities like food or clothes. I’m talking about those lovely items you see in gift shops or on Instagram that seem an unnecessary extravagance for yourself, but a great gift idea for a friend or family member. Well I think it’s time to get over the idea that treating yourself well is an extravagance. If you earn an income and can afford to buy presents for your friends and family, then I believe you should start to embrace the idea of buying gifts for yourself too.

Self Gifting

Why I Think You Should Embrace Self Gifting

Life is hard, and these past 12 months have been particularly difficult. We work long hours to earn money to be able to do the things we want, but then give ourselves a hard time for spending that money on ourselves when there are bills to pay. Buying yourself a small thoughtful present for no other reason than you just deserve it is a small break from all those sensible things you “should” be doing your whole life long – studying to get a good job, working hard to earn a wage, starting a family and providing for them, putting money into a pension… Let’s all just give ourselves a small break and maybe a present every now and again!

Tips for Self Gifting

  1. Treat yourself like you’d treat your best friend. When you buy a present for your closest friend you think about what they’d really love. You put time and effort into being thoughtful. You definitely don’t begrudge spending money on them – even if you have a budget to stick to. So give yourself that same attention. Think about what you would buy yourself if you were your own best friend.
  2. Avoid thinking about what you “need”. Sometimes you feel like you’ve treated yourself because you bought a new skin cream when your old one ran out, or a new pair of gym leggings. It’s great if you feel like these are treats, and it definitely feels nice to indulge in a more expensive version of whatever you need. But once in a while buy yourself something you love rather than something you need. Because you don’t always need to justify treating yourself.
  3. Don’t spend outside of your budget. A sensible tip, because the last thing you need is to feel guilt or give yourself money worries. That’s not the point of self gifting! A gift for yourself is a gesture, just like a gift for a friend. Buy something you’d love, but only within your means.

Affordable Gift Ideas for Yourself


Jewellery can be quite a personal thing, so it’s a great giftable idea for yourself. Whether it’s an everyday wearable piece that feels personal to you, or some statement earrings to showcase your current mood, jewellery is always a good self-bought present. My online store All & Wondery is filled with affordable hand-picked and handmade jewellery and accessories. Everything in there is something I’d love to wear myself and it’s all at great gift-friendly prices.

Jewellery Gifts for You

Luxury Edibles

If you’re like me then you have no problem buying expensive luxury chocolates for a present for someone else, but that same amount of money seems far too much for a Saturday night snack for yourself. Buying myself expensive chocolates is an absolute once in a blue moon extravagance, which is why it’s a gift I’d truly appreciate. Thanks, me!

Face Mask

Pampering gifts are always a good choice, and a lovely face mask is a great gift for anyone, including yourself. You’ll get to use it multiple times, and each one of those times will be a luxurious, indulgent treat.

Face Mask

Candles and Melts

One of my favourite things to buy for myself is a nice candle or a box of wax melts from small shops I’ve discovered on Instagram. I truly enjoy relaxing with them and there are so many lovely shops out there now. Some of my current favourites are Wax and the Wild, Pastel Palette and Soy London.


Whether it’s a luxury arrangement from your favourite local florist, letterbox blooms from Bloom & Wild, bunches of daffodils from Tesco or an on-trend dried bouquet for the home, flowers are always a winner. And if you’re not a flower person but prefer a good old house plant, that’s just as good.

Bloom and Wild flowers

Gift or Subscription Boxes

There’s just something about unboxing that really feels special isn’t there? Subscription boxes are available in all shapes and sizes now. Beauty, books, crafts, cheese, pasta… no matter what you love, you can subscribe and get boxes filled with suitable goodies. And a lot of the time you can sign up to a rolling subscription so if you want a one off treat, that’s doable too. I especially love the gift boxes on Etsy – things like “Hug in a Box” or “Pamper Hampers” filled with small luxury treats.

Why you should embrace the act of self gifting.

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