Sublime Repair hair care from Show Beauty

Show Beauty is Tamara Ecclestone’s glamorous and luxurious hair care range, which launched in 2013 with a range of styling products. Just recently they also launched a full range of wet hair care products, including Moisture and Volume ranges of shampoos and conditioners, and I have been using the “Sublime Repair” range. This range focuses on strengthening and repairing damaged hair, with ingredients such as Quinoa Protein (full of amino acids to rebuild damaged hair), plus luxurious white truffle and caviar.

As you can see they have gone to town on packaging. The aim was to have something that looked glamorous and beautiful on your bathroom shelf, and I’d say they achieved that!

Show Beauty Repair wet haircare collection

Sublime Repair Shampoo

I have been using the repair shampoo as my regular shampoo for a few weeks. It contains Quinoa Protein to repair damaged hair, as well as shea butter and vitamin B5 to nourish the hair.

I find that this shampoo is quite difficult to lather (because it is sulphate free), so it can be quite tempting to pile it on. However, given the expensive price tag of the product I would not recommend this! In fact, you don’t need to use much of this product to wash your hair. I have been trying to take my time washing my hair with it too, because of the repairing qualities of the ingredients.

I’d like to say that this shampoo has a noticeable effect on my hair, but I’m not completely sure of that. Overall I’d say that it’s the conditioner that has the greater effect, but it’s nice to use both products together.

Show Beauty Repair shampoo

Sublime Repair Conditioner

I’ve been using the repair conditioner as my regular daily conditioner, and have been leaving it on my hair for just a couple of minutes after shampooing.

Apparently this conditioner has “a multi-faceted protein-based complex which
builds strength from within, reinforcing hair to provide protection from
cuticle abrasion”, and I can actually feel the effect of the conditioner immediately and while my hair is still wet – it feels stronger and fuller as soon as I rinse off the conditioner.

And after using both products together my hair looks and feels shiny and strong. They do have an interesting scent – it sort of reminds me of fake tan – but I find it quite pleasant.

Show Beauty Repair conditioner

Sublime Repair Treatment Mask

This intensive hair mask treatment is definitely an indulgent treat! I am only using it once a week, and the key is to leave it in for 10 whole minutes to allow your hair to benefit.

It contains the same strenthening protein complex as the conditioner, plus hydrolysed pea protein and Quinoa Protein to hydrate and improve elasticity. Finally it contains extracts of caviar and white truffle to enrich and moisturise hair. This is really a treat for the hair, which feels amazingly soft and glossy after using it.

Show Beauty Repair treatment mask

So, the main downside of this collection is that it is quite pricey (around £35 a product), but it’s supposed to be a luxury product range so this is to be expected. The products are lovely to use and I am always will to pay a decent price for an amazing treament mask (plus this jar will last me ages!) In fact, I think these are the sort of products that would be nice as luxury beauty gifts for Christmas.

The range can only be bought from a few stores, including Harvey Nichols, and when the wet hair care range launched I went along to the Show Beauty blow dry bar in Harvey Nichols Manchester. Without washing my hair they gave me this bouncy, curly blow dry using their styling range, and I’d highly recommend popping along for one of their express blow dries if you want salon-standard hair for a night out (or just for a treat). It costs £20, but the money can be redeemed against Show Beauty products afterwards – so it’s basically free if you were planning to buy something from the range!

Show Beauty blow dry bar

Show Beauty blow dry bar Harvey Nichols

Show Beauty products and their ingredients are not tested on animals, and are not sold in mainland China. 

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Lisbon love

Lisbon welcome

Last week I visited Lisbon for the first time and fell in love with its quirky charm. We chose to stay in a cute apartment in the Baixa district, which put us within walking distance of many of the sights of the city, including Commerical Square and the Elevator Santa Justa, as well as being right in the middle of all the action in terms of shopping, eating and drinking.

Our trip was only a short one, but we enjoyed exploring the wide tiled shopping streets of Baixa and the quirky narrow maze-like streets of old-town Alfama, following the route of the vintage 28 tram up to the highest point of the Sao Jorge castle. And as first-time visitors we also took a trip over to Belem where some of the main sights and monuments are to be found. We made sure to try the famous Pasteis de Nata (the custard tarts of Lisbon), eat plenty of seafood and experience the amazing views of the city from several angles, and we also managed to fit in a day trip to the nearest beach (because when it’s 30 degree heat, why wouldn’t you?!).Elevator of St Just

View of Lisbon

Lisbon Baixa Chiado

Lisbon pasteis de nata

Lisbon monastery

Lisbon Jeronimos Monastery

Belem Tower

Lisbon Belem

Carcavelos Beach Lisbon


Lisbon Alfama district

Lisbon Alfama district view

Lisbon Alfama district tiles

Lisbon Alfama district tram 28

Lisbon Alfama district building

Lisbon castle

Lisbon views

São Jorge Castle Lisbon

Lisbon São Jorge Castle

Lisbon love tokens

Lisbon love tokens

As you can see I fell in love with Lisbon a little bit, and just I hope my picture-heavy post isn’t too overwhelming!

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The Body Shop Superfood face masks

Last month The Body Shop launched their brand new Superfood Face Mask range, with 5 luxurious-sounding (100% vegetarian) face masks made from key beauty superfood ingredients. Not only are they made from these amazing ingredients from around the world, they are also free from parabens, paraffins, silicone and mineral oils, so they’re a real skincare treat.

Body Shop superfood face masks

Body Shop superfood face masks

The masks are designed to fulfill 5 different skincare goals, so let’s take a look at the range:

After having my own personal skincare consultation the Body Shop experts explained the different jobs that each mask does, and how they are keen to promote the idea of “multi masking” if different areas of your face need different things. I had my own #DareToMask multi-masking experience in store, with the tingling Himalayan Charcoal mask taking care of my oilier T-zone, and the deliciously moisturising Ethiopian Honey mask taking care of my drier areas.



The Body Shop are keen to promote the idea of face masking in general, and the idea that it’s both fun and relaxing to paint on a mask and then get on with doing something else, such as watching TV, making a cup of tea or soaking in the bath. They are even giving away a free colouring book  with each face mask purchase to help relax you mask and relax, which I think is a great idea.

Face masks are extremely popular right now, so it’s unsurprising that this range has has been well-received (the Himalayan Clay mask was first to sell out!)  I’ve bought the delicious British Rose mask to be getting on with, although I fully intend to extend my collection and start multi-masking once Himalayan Clay is back in stock.

Body Shop British Rose face mask

Body Shop free colouring book

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Yes, it’s another book post :)

If you read my post earlier in the year you’ll know that I’ve gone on a 2016 reading spree with the aim of always having a book on the go, and since April I’ve finished 7 more books. If you are looking for something new to read I’d recommend every one of the books in this post, and I’ll share what I thought of each one below. Like last time I’m ranking them favourite to least favourite, but unlike my earlier post there have been no disappointing reads (which is always good).

Another book post

  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

So this is not exactly a book – it’s the script of the stage play, and it’s also not exactly written by JK Rowling – it’s a collaboration. I’ve seen a lot of people moaning about these things in the press, but personally I was pretty excited about its release and so, it seems, were plenty of other people – it’s now the fastest selling book of the decade! I’d obviously love a chance to see the show, but in absence of a ticket I have to say that I really enjoyed reading this script. It didn’t bother me at all reading the story in this format (but some people do love a moan…) and I honestly just loved being able to read something new from the world of Harry Potter. It was a good mixture of new elements and the familiar bits that we’ve all grown to love, and with some unexpected appearances I actually found it quite emotional.

  • The Distance Between Us, Maggie O’Farrell

It may be early days as I’ve only read 2 of her books so far, but Maggie O’Farrell may be my new favourite writer! She has an amazing writing style with such lovely attention to detail that she just hooks you in to even the most mundane aspects of life. Even though you could say her books are love stories, there is much more to them than that. They all seem to have a mystery element to them which gradually unfolds until the big reveal near the end, and she writes very interesting characters whose experiences always seem quite sad. The Distance Between Us was my favourite of the 2 books, as I preferred the happier ending. It’s about love that develops between two characters with hidden secrets and unusual family experiences; and also about the very close relationship between two sisters and how it developed throughout their lives.

  • After You’d Gone, Maggie O’Farrell

Another Maggie O’Farrell book – this one was about a woman called Alice, who is hit by a car at the start of the book and is in a coma throughout. The story flicks backwards and forwards through the different events of her life, focussing a lot on her family’s story and on the one big love affair of her life. Again I found it so interesting to read because the author knows how important the small details are, but I also found the story very sad.

  • Elizabeth is Missing, Emma Healey

I had wanted to read this book for a while after hearing that the story is told from the perspective of Maud – an elderly woman with dementia. Trusting in the little notes she writes for herself (although never knowing when or why she wrote them) she starts trying to solving the mystery of her missing friend Elizabeth, which ends up mirroring a mystery from her past – the disappearance of her sister. If you like a mystery story it may not be for you though, because Maud is an unreliable narrator, and for me it was much more about what it’s like to have dementia than about the mystery. It’s a really well written book and so interesting to see the world from Maud’s point of view. Things like sensing when she has annoyed someone but never knowing why; or wondering why there is always an increasing number of cold cups of tea at the bottom of her stairs… Definitely an interesting read.

  • Behind the Scenes at the Museum, Kate Atkinson

Although I enjoyed it, this was quite a strange book – it’s the story of the different generations of a regular English family, as seen through the eyes of the youngest member, Ruby. It’s quirky, starting off with Ruby describing the moment of her conception, and her character narrates events of her own life as well as providing anecdotes from the generations that came before her, including various untimely deaths. It’s supposed to be quite amusing, which I liked, but it’s a dry humour that isn’t for everyone.

  • The Miniaturist, Jessie Burton

The Miniaturist is set in seventeenth century Amsterdam and is about a young country woman who moves to the city into a new marriage and a strange aloof family who have plenty of secrets to hide. To distract her, her new husband gives her a miniature replica of their house to furnish, but the miniature items she orders from “The Miniaturist” disturb her when they seem to reveal too much about the secrets of the household. I really liked the main character of Nella, who despite being young and out of her depth is not annoyingly naïve and is actually self-assured and intelligent, and she’s probably the main reason I enjoyed the book. The secrets are gradually revealed along the way, which keeps things interesting, but I have to say that they weren’t exactly surprising secrets(!) and the mystery of the miniaturist character was a bit weird.

  • The Island, Victoria Hislop

This was probably my least favourite of the books but still enjoyable, particularly as a holiday read thanks to the Cretan setting. I’d describe it as a family saga spanning several generations, as a young woman in the current day travels to the small town in Crete where her mother was born to find out more about her family history and how it relates to the leper colony on the island of Spinalonga. It’s quite an easy read and probably not as detailed as I’d have liked, given the subject matter.

Do you have any recommendations for what to read next?


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6 ways that being creative will help you feel great

I’ve had quite a creative few weeks and it has put me in such a great mood! As well as continuing with scrapbooking I also spent this past weekend painting pottery at Glazey Days, making teacup candles (see my tutorial for this here), and creating calligraphy quotes to put up around my apartment. Not only that, but it’s also been a creative week at work as we all had to decorate our desks in the theme of an Olympic sport (random, I know, but so much fun).

Pottery painting colour wheel

Painting pottery at Glazey Days
Painting pottery at Glazey Days

Pottery Painting North West

Finished pottery painting

And my great mood has made me realise all the ways that being creative is an important part of life:

  1. For relaxation. Being creative is quite a peaceful way to spend your time. It focuses your mind on one enjoyable task, and while your mind is focused on the creative details, it’s not worrying or stressing about anything else!
  2. Enjoy a device-free zone! Following on from point 1, it’s a great chance to step away from phones and tablets! Aside from a bit of creative research before I started, painting pottery and practising calligraphy managed to keep me away from my distracting devices for at least an hour at a time, and that was great for stress levels too!
  3. It’s fun! I love being creative with ideas and working to create something lovely. It’s one of my favourite ways to spend my time.
  4. Creativity breeds creativity. I find that one creative project inspires another, and once I get in a creative mood I just keep creating! If you had noticed I hadn’t posted on here in a while, then you can thank the above list of creative projects for inspiring me to get writing again!
  5. You’ll learn so many new things every time you work on something creative, and that’s never a bad thing!
  6. It’s satisfying. You can end up with something really great at the end, which is pretty rewarding and a great confidence boost. And everything will be unique and personal to you too.

Calligraphy quote

DIY teacup candle
DIY teacup candle – tutorial here

What creative projects do you have planned this summer?


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Be inspired: summer botanical cocktails

Warm summer evenings are the perfect excuse to enjoy a refreshing cocktail, and if you fancy mixing up something a little unusual and adding a hint of nature, perhaps you’d consider adding fresh herbs to your list of ingredients and creating a botanical cocktail. I teamed up with Ness Botanical Gardens to show how herbs can be combined with spirits to create great cocktail flavours, and they’ve put together this great infographic showing the best spirit and herb pairings. It’s a handy guide to which flavours complement each other, and a great place to start if you fancy giving botanical cocktails a go.

There are even some ready-made recipes to try. I added my own vodka, strawberry and mint concoction to the list, which I think is the perfect thing for a summer afternoon. But I think the gin, honey, elderflower and coriander cocktail sounds amazing too (I love my gin cocktails!).

Botanical cocktail guide

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Me and my Olympus go to Cornwall

After spending weeks and weeks trying to pick a holiday destination for June, me and Craig finally settled on staying in the UK and having a low-key relaxing break to Cornwall, a place neither of us has been since childhood and which deserves to be fully explored! We found a cute cozy cottage for two, which was full of books and board games and had a lovely suntrap courtyard, located right on the harbour of the tiny friendly fishing village of St Mawes on the Roseland Peninsula.

Olympus pen e-pl7

The weather was a little mixed, ranging from gorgeous sun to full-blown storms, but I really enjoyed our lovely break full of coastal walks, cream teas, coffee and pastries at the harbour, eating freshly caught fish with a glass of wine, reading on hidden beaches and taking boat trips (rather than driving) to the local city for a spot of lunch and shopping.

It was a lovely picturesque place and I loved capturing Cornwall’s pretty pastel cottages and seaside settings with my Olympus Pen E-Pl7 (which is officially the first holiday it’s been on!), so you’re getting a picture-heavy post today!

Brunch in St Mawes

Pink cottage

Cornwall cottage

St Mawes view

Cornwall beach

The sea in Cornwall

Secluded Cornwall beach

Hidden beach, Cornwall

Cute beach in Cornwall

Catch of the Day

Vintage gas pumps

St Mawes castle

St Just church

Now I’m looking forward to discovering more lovely parts of Cornwall.

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What I did for my 32nd birthday

It was birthday at the weekend and even though I’m making my way through my early 30s faster than I’d like, I had a lovely time celebrating with friends and family. I had two birthday gatherings, both involving cake, wine and games. Last weekend with my friends at Home Sweet Home in Manchester (by the way, if you’re ever looking for a piece of delicious cake that is as big as your head, make your way there!), and then with my family on my actual birthday.

Birthday party

Birthday board games

Home Sweet Home Manchester

A weekend birthday is the best sort, because it means you actually get time to play with your presents! I enjoyed a few hours trying out some new calligraphy pens, as well as embracing my geeky side with the extended edition DVDs of The Hobbit trilogy and this cute second hand Tolkien book.

Calligraphy brush pens

The Adventures of Tom Bombadil

And me and Craig also managed to fit in a night away in a country hotel – The Huntsman Inn in the hills above Holmsfirth. As part of their Dine and Duvet package we ate a hefty 3-courses of amazing food, and enjoyed romantic prosecco and strawberries in our gorgeous room. We stayed in their Suite, and just how pretty is the décor?! Even though the weather wasn’t the greatest, it was so lovely to see the rolling hills and lambs right outside our window.

And how better to spend a birthday than eating drinking and enjoying the things you love.

The Huntsman Inn, Holmsfirth

The Huntsman Inn stay

Holmsfirth hills

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NYC-inspired dining at The Pen and Pencil

Manchester’s Mad Men-inspired bar The Pen and Pencil has a new evening menu, and last week I went along to check it out. I’ve never actually been before, but I’ve heard a lot about this place and as soon as I walked in I could see why it has become so popular. It has a great laid-back vibe and cool industrial Manhattan decor with bare brick walls and exposed metalwork. We got a great seat on a long low table with comfy wide cushioned benches, but there are also nice bright window seats and cozy booths. And the creative advertising agency theme (inspired by Mad Men) can be seen with the retro adverts on the walls, and it works really well with its location in the Northern Quarter.

The Pen and Pencil, Manchester


It’s a bar with a great cocktail menu, so I made sure I got to try one as soon as I arrived and I went for The Long Pink Stick which was pretty and pink (as the name would suggest). Made with gin, elderflower cordial, raspberry syrup, and Fentimans Rose Lemonade, it was extremely refreshing on a hot day.

The Long Pink Stick gin cocktail

I’ve checked out the daytime menu a few times because I work in the area, and it sounds pretty exciting. It is New York themed and covers off both brunch, with steak and eggs; avocados and pancakes; and lunch, with burgers and sandwiches. However I’d gone along to try out the new Supper menu (served after 5pm), which has small plates to share like tapas or large plates. There were around 12 options for each plate size, and even though that’s not too much choice I did still have a dilemma over what to go for. The NYC-inspired menu includes some classics – burgers; the “Buns of Anarchy” sliders (with a choice of fillings);steak and ribs, plus some quirkier options – Seafood Ceviche; Harissa Aubergine and Lobster Bisque.

In the end I went for a classic – New York Strip Steak. It came chargrilled to my liking and served with amazing skin-on-fries, a portobello mushroom and cherry tomatoes. I had a choice of sauces and went for peppercorn, which was delicious and creamy, and I was grateful to receive a generous portion so that I could dunk my fries in it. I thought this was a great steak dish – very tasty and quite reasonable at £13.50.

New York strip steak, Manchester

New York strip steak, Manchester NQ

And Craig also went for a classic – the half rack of sticky ribs. As you can see, this was quite massive, and I thought for £7.50 this was excellent value. You’d hardly need a full rack! Again there was a choice of sauces (he went for BBQ Cola) and it was served with skin-on-fries and fresh apple mustard slaw. His verdict? The meat was soft and tender, literally falling of the bone; the sauce was tasty; and special mention goes to the amazing slaw!

Half rack of sticky ribs with cola sauce

Half rack of sticky ribs with cola sauce, Manchester

Overall I think this is a great venue for after-work drinks and food, and I would definitely like to come along to try their brunch as well. I can see why it has become popular and I hear it gets very busy at the weekend, but I preferred it nice and quiet as it was during our visit. I also think they should seriously consider putting together a dessert menu, because I would definitely have been up for that!

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What I’ve been reading in 2016

“The more you read the more things you know” – Dr Seuss

Book reviews 2016

I’ve made it my mission to read a lot more in 2016, and it’s going pretty well so far with 8 books under my belt since January. Here’s what I thought of each of them, in order of best to worst…

The one I loved:

  • The Silmarillion, J.R.R. Tolkien

Being a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, it’s surprising that this book has been on my bookcase for years without me ever managing to read it. In fact I’d tried to start it a few times but just couldn’t get into it. This time I was determined though, and even though it still took me a while to get into it (it has a very slow start), it really paid off. By the time I got to the end I loved this book! Not only is it epic, engrossing and memorable, it also adds so much background information to everything I know about Middle Earth. It’s the story of the history of that world, from its creation story to the epic adventures of the first elves and men. I’ll certainly never watch the film trilogies in the same way again and it has even inspired me to reread the Lord of the Rings, which I’m sure I’ll get around to at some point this year.

The ones I quite enjoyed:

  • The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins

I enjoyed this book and managed to read the whole thing in 2 days because it’s just so gripping. But I have to say, I didn’t love it. The problem is that its full of unlikeable characters and grim situations, and I just don’t think it was my thing. The train travelling to and from London on hot summer days sounds like it could be the setting for something pleasant or inspiring, but it’s not that sort of book at all. Every character had rather a depressing story and I wasn’t really rooting for any of them. But I will say that it was a well-written and exciting mystery, and definitely one to read if that’s your sort of thing.

  • The One Plus One, JoJo Moyes

I really enjoyed my first JoJo Moyes book, although I found it slow moving at first. It’s the story of positive-thinking independent single mother Jess, her gifted young daughter and her awkward teenage stepson, and a car journey they make across the UK with the reluctant help of Ed, who has his own problems to deal with. I found Jess’s chaotic life situation quite annoying at first, but the story of the gradually developing relationships between all the characters was actually really well written and believable and not too predictable or cheesy. In general it was better than most chick lit out there.

  • Not Without You, Harriet Evans

If I had to pick one chick lit author as my favourite, it would be Harriet Evans who wrote my favourite book of this type – A Hopeless Romantic. None of her other books have ever matched it but I live in hope that she will write one that I like as much one day. Not Without You is slightly different because romance is of secondary importance to the plot. Instead it tells two parallel stories about fifties actress Eve becoming a glamorous movie star during the golden age of Hollywood; and current day A-list move star Sophie. I loved the glamorous settings and insider viewpoints of the movie industry. Both characters were very likeable and down-to-earth, and I found it a very engaging read as both of their stories started to intertwine.

  • Prima Donna, Karen Swan

After loving one of Karen Swan’s books once (review) I have tried reading some of her others, but pretty much every time I have been disappointed. I had very high hopes for this one, the story of a glamorous and sassy ballerina and a powerful man trying to pin her down. I enjoyed the ballet aspect of the story as well as the glamorous settings and quite a few of the characters, who were more interesting than you usually get in chick lit. But her writing style can be quite annoying, and as with all Karen Swan’s books, I found it very predictable.

  • A Place for Us, Harriet Evans

Another Harriet Evans book, but this time a family saga with each chapter told from the perspective of a different member of the family. It was a nice story full of interesting characters and settings and plenty of hidden family secrets. I enjoyed the read, but I think some of the story lines were better than others and I’d have preferred to read more about those than have a bit of everybodys’.

The also-rans:

  • Foreign Fruit, Jojo Moyes

I decided to read this after enjoying the One plus One, but I didn’t realise that this was one of JoJo Moyes’ first books and she has improved a lot with experience. It wasn’t in the same league as her more recent ones. It’s a story of lost love and a shabby English seaside town told in two parts, the past and the present. In theory it could have been lovely to read, but I found it a bit disappointing and dull.

  • The Summer without You, Karen Swan

Another predictable Karen Swan romance. I thought this one would get me in the holiday mood because its about British girl Rowena spending the summer at the elite US beach resort The Hamptons when her long-term boyfriend goes travelling without her for six months. Instead it just really annoyed me because it was so predictable and there wasn’t even any chemistry between Rowena and the guy she is supposed to be reluctantly falling for. There was a “mystery” element to it, which I suppose kept it all moving along, but overall it wasn’t that enjoyable to read.

I’m happy to say that none of the books have been truly awful though! And although a lot of my 2016 reads so far fell into the “chick lit” category, I have a lot more variety planned for my next batch of books. What have you been reading, and do you have any recommendations?

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