10 Amazing Live Stage Shows You Can Watch in your Own Home

I’m a big fan of the theatre, but as ticket prices seem to be getting more and more expensive, and my time is also quite limited, I find that I can’t justify going as much as I’d like. So I’m very happy to have a collection of DVD stage musical live recordings. They are one … Continue reading 10 Amazing Live Stage Shows You Can Watch in your Own Home

3 Card Games You Didn’t Know You Needed in Your Life

Best 3 card games

This year I’ve been playing and discovering a lot of games, and have developed a particular love for quirky card-based games. They’re great because they’re (usually) portable, simple to play with quick-to-learn rules and therefore very low maintenance for group gatherings. There are so many fun options out there, not just your standard deck of cards, … Continue reading 3 Card Games You Didn’t Know You Needed in Your Life

Why Taking a Career Risk Can Be a Good Thing

Why career risks can be good

One of my New Year’s resolutions in January was to take a career risk. I was fairly happy in my job of 5 years, but also dissatisfied for many reasons, not least the lack of progression opportunities open to me. I’d held myself back from making a big change for a while, because of the … Continue reading Why Taking a Career Risk Can Be a Good Thing

The GHD Air Hairdryer, Reviewed

GHD Air Hairdryer

I’ve had the same heavy old hairdryer for about 10 years, and although it still works I decided at last that it was about time I upgraded. As a birthday treat to myself I invested in the GHD Air hairdryer, which was £89 from John Lewis. I’d heard great things about both this hairdryer and … Continue reading The GHD Air Hairdryer, Reviewed

The Problem with Santorini

Santorini was one of the Greek Island destinations on our Honeymoon Cruise and it was a stunning place. Looking back, my Santorini photos are some of the most beautiful from the whole trip. However, I have a serious problem with Santorini and will not be returning there. If you’re not already aware, Santorini (along with … Continue reading The Problem with Santorini

Fun, Customisable Flip Flops from Cabaia

Cabaia is a fun summer/winter accessory brand that has just launched a pop up store in Manchester Arndale. This is their first physical site in the UK - yes that’s right, Manchester gets it first – and they’re selling their colourful SS18 range there while the stall is there this summer. Cabaia’s flip flops are … Continue reading Fun, Customisable Flip Flops from Cabaia

Wedding Advice for Brides

As I mentioned in my recent post about our wedding, we actually only booked our venue about 7 months before the date, so this meant that the planning started right away and didn’t ease up until the big day. There are loads of great wedding advice articles out there with helpful tips for brides, but … Continue reading Wedding Advice for Brides