Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake for Blonde Eyebrows

And so my obsession with eyebrows continues. I discovered Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake when a makeup professional at an Illamasqua counter insisted on trying it on me, and I thought it was pretty good so went back and bought it. This Eyebrow Cake in “Motto” is much cooler shade than the MUA one I have been … Continue reading Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake for Blonde Eyebrows

How to Define Blonde Eyebrows

This is a very simple tutorial based on my daily makeup routine. In their natural form my blonde eyebrows are basically invisible, so even when I wear minimal makeup I do still tend to make sure my eyebrows are defined. But I also want to make sure they still look quite natural rather than obviously drawn on … Continue reading How to Define Blonde Eyebrows