How to Define Blonde Eyebrows

This is a very simple tutorial based on my daily makeup routine. In their natural form my blonde eyebrows are basically invisible, so even when I wear minimal makeup I do still tend to make sure my eyebrows are defined. But I also want to make sure they still look quite natural rather than obviously drawn on or filled in, so this tutorial is all about defining blonde brows and it features the Illamasqua Brow Cake in Motto.

How to define blonde eyebrows

So firstly here are my naked sad-looking eyebrows. As you can see, they are a bit sparse and very pale.

Naked brows

I’m using the Illamasqua Brow Cake in Motto, because in general I prefer to stick to using powder rather than brow pencils and I think this shade is a great match for me. It may be too dark for some blondes, so I’d advise shopping around for your perfect match. And I always start off using an angled brow brush.

Step one: create an outline

This is where some would use an eyebrow pencil, but that doesn’t work out too well for me. It always looks very drawn and outline-y. So I simply use the brow powder and the flat line of the angled brush to create outlines.

First I draw a line across the top of my eyebrow from the centre of my face outwards, up to the brow’s highest point. As you can see my eyebrows are naturally quite level in shape, but this would be the same method if I had more arched brows. Then I draw a line along the bottom edge to it’s highest point.

Finally I follow the line from the top edge down to the brow tip, and do the same on the bottom edge. Notice I haven’t done any outlining at the start of my eyebrow (the edge by my nose).

Step 1 brows

Step two: adding fill

Using the same powder and the flat of the brush I fill in the space inside the outlines. I’m still leaving the inside edge of my eyebrow (by my nose) untouched.

Step 2 blonde brows

Step three: finishing touches

Here’s where I bring in a couple of other brushes.

Firstly I take a softer fluffier eyeshadow brush with the same brow powder on the starting edge of my eyebrow and just lightly dust some of the powder where my eyebrow starts. I find that this looks much softer and more natural than a defined line or when I apply the powder with a harder brush. I think that makes all the difference with blonde eyebrows.

Then I apply a little of the wax from the Pro Brow Kit (using the angled brow brush again), and brush through with the brow groomer to neaten.

eyebrow brushes
Step 3 blonde brows

Step four – repeat on the other brow

And there you are – a very simple daily brow routine.

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How to define blonde eyebrows

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