Prints Charming

After all the excitement of Marni at H&M today (I managed to get myself one of the funky bracelets, but lost out on a pretty printed dress because it was snatched from my basket – the scoundrel!) I’m feeling in the mood for chic prints. On my travels I ended up loving a whole lot of pieces from River Island, so have hailed RI my store of the day, and have included a few of my favourite printed items below. Special mention goes to the Marni-esque mixed print cami (very wearable) and the very cute Spring blazer (will look great with chunky bracelets or metal cuffs).

1. Pink boating stripe cotton blazer (£30)

2. Polka dot belted shirt dress (£40)

3. Chain and polka dot print cami top (£20)

4. Tropical print pencil skirt (£25.00)

5. Julian j smith, design forum envelope clutch bag (£30.00)

6. Aztec print belted dress (£25.00)

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