Death by chocolate….

Easter always seems to be about chocolate, even when (like this year) I don’t get any Easter eggs.

On Saturday night I attended a murder mystery dinner party hosted by friends. The theme was 1950’s Hollywood and I was Marilyn Mansfield (that’s a Marilyn Monroe/Jane Mansfield cross, so think blonde bombshell, figure-hugging dress, faux fur, red lips, giant lashes etc). The theme of the menu, however, was chocolate, and featured warm seeded bread with chocolate chips, Mexican Chilli Chocolate Chicken Mole and sumptuous chocolate moose which was “to die for” (pun intended). Delicious.

I always find with these murder mystery dinner party games that the guests are the most important thing – everyone has to get into their characters for it to be fun. So in this case it was a great laugh. Bad accents and OTT acting galore! We did The Red Rose Murders and although I won’t give anything specific away, I did think this was quite a good one. The script was funny and full of puns and innuendo, and although two of the characters were optional, it wasn’t as obvious which ones they were as it has been in other murder mystery games. It’s one I’d recommend. Can anyone else recommend any?

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