Which jewellery collection is fairest of them all?

Snow White is so hot right now. 2012 will see not one but two Snow White films released at the cinema, although both quite different – Mirror Mirror is a quirky comedy with gorgeous costumes, whilst Snow White and the Huntsman looks dark and action-packed (I for one have always felt that Snow White was a particularly dark fairytale so I think the second of the two films may be the one for me). And on 30th May Home Shopping Network are launching a collection of jewellery and accessories inspired by Snow White and the Huntsman, which includes poison apple candles, gothic-looking necklaces and leather cuffs.

I’ve never bought anything from Home Shopping Network, so cannot vouch for the quality of their jewellery. I’m also not too sure that these items match up to other Snow White-inspired jewellery collections. You may already be aware of my love for Disney, my love for kitsch jewellery items, and therefore my love for Disney Couture, and I’ve featured my Snow White”Fairest of them All” necklace before.

On my travels I have come across these pieces inspired by Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves – some by Disney Couture and others from Swarovski. I just love fairytale referencing, so any pieces featuring roses, hearts, apples and swords are winners for me.

Disney Couture red apple crystal ring

Disney Couture rose gold Snow White cuff

Disney Couture black rose ring

Disney Couture gold mesh collar necklace

Swarovski Snow White thorn rose collection: ring (£59), bangle (£102), necklace (£61), earrings (£47)

Swarovski Snow White heart sword collection: ring (£72), earrings (£99), necklace (£61)

So which collection do you think is fairest of them all? I’m a sucker for Disney, so for me Home Shopping Network cannot match up to any of the Disney-inspired pieces. I think my favourites have to be the Swarovski thorn rose pieces – they are both edgy and beautiful.

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