A mini crafty project

Whilst going through some of my boxes of “stuff” I came across an unfinished Minicraft Sewing Kit of a mole. I always loved the idea of moles, with their velvety fur and spades for hands. Even though I know they don’t look quite as cute as this in real life, I remember getting this kit for a Christmas present and looking forward to making it. I’m not sure why I didn’t complete it – I assume I must have been very busy – but I decided to finish it this weekend. The result: a very cute, soft furry mole! It was a very easy kit and I even though hand-stitched it all, it didn’t take too long either!

One thought on “A mini crafty project

  1. Oh how cute! He’s adorable! (I’d love to make one!)

    I made an elephant when I was 9 years old. She’s very wonky with not-quite-right stitching and bumpy stuffing. (My Mum convinced me to stuff her with old tights instead of buying stuffing. It wasn’t a bad idea but I wish she’d also suggested cutting the tights up first rather than stuffing them in whole).

    Home made cuddly toys are best. I’m glad you got around to finishing him.

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