Ten Jubilee weekend treats

1. Baking “jubilee-themed” cupcakes. I took the easy way out with blue cases, white frosting and red strawberries on top.

2. Prosecco, pink lemonade, strawberries, hearty BBQ food, my lovely cupcakes and raspberry brulee cheesecake at my sister’s Jubilee BBQ.

3. A family game of Balderdash, which always brings amusement!

4. Completing a very pretty jigsaw

5. Enjoying a friend’s lovely evening wedding reception in a gorgeous venue in Manchester city centre, filled with champagne cocktails, pastel roses, candles, friends and dancing!

6. Wearing my new dress (mentioned here)

7. Wearing red, white and blue for a picnic in the park

8. Playing games with friends to celebrate the Jubilee

9. Seeing bunting, Union Jacks, smiles and the spirit of patriotism everywhere!

10. It’s not over yet! Maybe I’ll take a break from all the loveliness and see if I can handle a dose of Prometheus at the cinema.

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