White knuckle rides, seaside strolls and al fresco dining

On Sunday me and a group of friends celebrated mine and my friend’s birthday with a day trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. I haven’t been to the Pleasure Beach for over ten years, and I didn’t particularly have fond memories of the park, but I was pleasantly surprised by the way it has been developed. We had loads of fun on the various rides – some are particularly good, others, such as the vintage “historical rides”, a bit too scary (<cough> old and rickety) for my liking. Nevertheless it was a lovely sunny day and the park was surprisingly quiet so there was very little queueing.

Following the thrills of the Pleasure Beach we enjoyed a stroll in the sunshine down the newly-developed promenade, which looks really lovely now. This lead us past the the Blackpool Comedy Carpet, a sort of “Walk of Fame” celebrating British humour where you could probably spend hours reading quotations, jokes, songs and comedy catchphrases from the best of British comedy.

The day was rounded off eating fish and chips al fresco, which we bought from Bispham.

And here are a few of the lovely gifts from my friends…

All in all I had a really great time, and it was so nice to see how nice Blackpool is looking thanks to all the recent developments!

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