Five favourites: pretty printed shirts

I’ve been window shopping from the comfort of my front room again, this time on the hunt for pretty printed shirts to wear with skirts, trousers and jeans. My main thought is that they would be great for work, but they can also be fairly versatile and could be worn in a casual outfit or for eating out for example. Here are my favourite five finds, one of which I will probably buy!

1. Bicycle print shirt, £24 from ASOS

2. Studded silk shirt, £59.99 from Zara (a bit pricey, but it is silk)

3. Floral blouse, £15 from Fashion Union (a total bargain now it’s in the sale)

4. Oversized novelty print shirt, £22 from Lavish Alice

5. Floral chiffon shirt, £16 from Matalan (this could be the one, and would look cute with my gold collar tips added)

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