Forever 21 hits Manchester!

I mentioned my visit to the brand new Manchester Forever 21 store, and here are the photos. The store is all on one floor, which I actually preferred as a shopping experience to the three-floored London store. It still seems vast, but was very easy to shop in. The product is also nicely arranged into trends, which makes shopping there all the easier still, so much so that I ended up joining the massive till queue to buy several things (eek!)

The store also features a shoe boutique, a lingerie corner and an Aladdin’s cave of accessories, including twinkling jewels and many bags.

I should say that the massive queues I mentioned were on account of the store’s launch and their offer of free gift cards to the first 300 people into the store, and the till queues were nothing compared to the video I was shown of the queues for the store opening at 10am (I heard people slept in their cars too!) I can also praise the store staff on the day for the till process which was handled extremely efficiently considering the pressure!

The most interesting thing I found out about Forever 21 on the day was that they have new stock and new lines delivered daily, and it is often a case of “when it’s gone it’s gone” with many of the products – fast fashion indeed! Another reason I braved the queues to grab my chosen items on Saturday!

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