Exploring Manchester’s indie boutiques

July is Independent Retailer Month, a campaign set up to highlight the importance of smaller, local, independent retailers and a reminder to shoppers to support them. I’m so supportive of this message, as shoppers need to get behind retailers if we want to keep diversity on our high streets.

Shopping indies is not necessarily the most convenient option, but it can be such an enjoyable experience and you can end up with products that are unique and real talking points. Now that I work in Manchester’s Northern Quarter it couldn’t be easier to support independent retailers – the area is full of lovely boutiques, cafés and teashops, and it’s actually harder not to spend my money!

If you’ve not already had the pleasure, why not do your bit to support Independent Retail Month by exploring Manchester’s Northern Quarter treasures this July? Here are my current favourites:

Junk Shop UK

A very quirky store selling reworked vintage clothing and cute jewellery and accessories. The décor and store interior is very cute too! Last week I bought this really cute pink fox ring from Junk – too cute to resist!

Thunder Egg

Full of pretty fashion, pretty vintage-inspired jewellery and kitsch items, like these random things! (Pics taken from their site).

Curiouser and Curiouser

A designer ladies fashion boutique with décor and branding inspired by Alice in Wonderland. (Pics taken from their website)

The Independent Retailer Month website also has a directory of indies who are supporting the campaign this month, and you can check out my guest blog for the campaign too.

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