Scented teacup candles

Today I’ve been getting my craft on making these lovely teacup candles! I’ve been obsessed with the concept of teacup candles since seeing them on a craft market some time ago, and have finally got my act together and made some of my own.

With vintage teacups courtesy of my Grandma and a local spring fair, candle-making supplies from and some guidance from various online sources (including this blog, which was my main guide) I have made 3 pretty candles. I also added bluebell fragrance to them, which will add to the English charm of the teacup candle.

They were very easy to make and they’ve turned out really well. I think they would make pretty presents for friends and family too, so I’ll be keeping my eye open at car boot sales and charity shops for more teacups (and possibly other containers) that I can use.

It was a nice, crafty way to spend a Sunday afternoon, particularly with Andy Murray playing Olympic tennis in the background. Possibly my favourite gold medal for Team GB!

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