Bench put the spotlight on self-made creatives

Today I will mostly be praising Manchester brand Bench, who are championing self-made creatives and entrepreneurs in their new campaign. Self Made is a celebration of young innovative people who’ve gone out there as creatives on their own, and seeks to act as a platform for them. People fitting this description will be showcased in interviews and videos in Bench’s Self Made brand book, as well as getting the chance for further funding and exposure through a new competition, which launches on 24th September.

I think creating bonds with young, independent, entrepreneurial people is such a fantastic message for the brand to send. Hopefully the stories of successful people who’ve had the confidence to get out there and start something up will inspire others to have the same confidence in themselves, and hopefully the exposure and support than Bench is offering will really make a difference to the people involved. It also shows Bench as a dynamic brand who is both in tune with their customers as well as looking out for the successful entrepreneurs of the future.

The Self Made competition can be entered online and is an opportunity to be part of the Self Made campaign. Entrants submit an online application which showcases their talent and one successful candidate will be highlighted each month and put through to the final.  The ultimate prize will be £1000 of funding, plus global exposure through the brand book, website and social media channels and the opportunity to work with a team of mentors.

A new concept store is also launching in Manchester’s Northern Quarter this week, which apparently will even feature an exhibition of work from some “Self Made” participants.

It all sounds like a fantastic opportunity if you fit the bill!

One thought on “Bench put the spotlight on self-made creatives

  1. The self made campaign is very interesting indeed and a great way to harness the talent that is in Manchester, yet unfortunately gets lost to London. Lets keep this talent in Manchester and built a new capital of cloth, a 21st Cottonopolis built on talent and creativity. Might even enter myself!

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