October’s high street wishlist

Whilst wandering around the shops I accidentally managed to rack up quite a sizeable wishlist.

I find it handy to make a wishlist post like this, as I can record what I’ve seen and liked whilst browsing, and then revisit it at a time when I’ve got a bit more cash to spend (car insurance this month – it’s a killer!). Not only that but waiting to buy usually sorts out the would-be impulse-purchase disasters from the items I definitely still want.

At the moment I’m mainly inspired by stylish workwear, winter florals and oversized coats, so here are my high street picks, featuring Topshop, Warehouse and Next:

Topshop top picks

1. Textured Boucle Boyfriend Coat, £89.00

2. Angora Bordeaux Boyfriend Coat, £89.00

3. Tweed Boyfriend Coat, £98.00

4. Ankle strap heels, £70

Warehouse wants


1. Tapestry dress, £65

2. Shirt Dress, £60

3. Wolf Jumper, £45

4. Faux Leather Skirt, £40.00

Next on the list…

1. Floral Lace Pencil Dress, £65

2. Oriental Print Jersey Dress, £24

3. Oriental Print Jersey Pencil Skirt, £18

Please do leave comments (I love it when you do!)

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