Pretty and practical underwear

With Valentine’s Day looming it is the season for retailers to heavily promote their sexiest lingerie. I’m ashamed to say my lingerie collection is extremely small, and in terms of underwear in general I’ve been feeling like it’s been too long since I bought anything new at all (let alone pretty things). The problem is that extremely pretty underwear is not usually very practical. Lace, ruffles, diamante and vibrant floral or retro dotty prints look ever so nice, but they are so restrictive when it comes to what you can wear over them, so I usually decide that they’re not worth the expense. Good old trusty t-shirt bras eh? In nude, white and black for every occasion.
However, I do feel compelled to buy this elegant and pretty silk lingerie from Rosie by Autograph at M&S. Perhaps it’s because RHW has no trouble making any bra look good. But actually, I think it’s the perfect combination of pretty and practical! It’s only £22.50 also comes in a romantic pink perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Rosie bra m&Srosie hw bra m&s

However, whilst browsing the M&S site I was also drawn to these ever-so-cute bralet sets. They’re exactly the opposite in terms of practicality (just look at those prints and bumpy design elements – eek!), but somehow I still want them!

braletM&S bralet

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