Magic lamp gingerbread cookies

After searching for a very specific item, I have made the discovery of an excellent online store with a fab range of baking supplies. I came across Cakes, Cookies and Crafts because I wanted a cookie cutter in the shape of a magic lamp, and I wanted it quickly. It turned out that I had surprisingly few options, even online, so I was extremely pleased with this store and the fact that they had quite a few other items I liked that I could add to my bag at the same time. They have all sorts of cake/cookie-related items, but it was their wide range of unusually-shaped cookie cutters that caught my attention, particularly the fairytale ones. Check out the ones I bought below, including the very cute Cinderella carriage. At the moment they are 4 for the price of 3, plus, I received my order within 2 days! Excellent service.

fairytale cookie cutter

So, I mentioned I was hunting down a magic lamp cookie cutter, and this was because I played Aladdin in a pantomime last week, and wanted to provide my fellow cast and crew members with a themed gift. Everyone loves something edible, so I decided to do Aladdin-themed gingerbread cookies. I used the Hummingbird Bakery gingerbread recipe (tried and tested – everyone loves it) and spent the day baking and icing around 80 cute magic lamps. What do you think?


baking cookies     gingerbread

magic lamp cookies

gingerbread biscuits

Aladdin's lamp cookies

magic lamp gingerbread

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