Luxury beauty brands at Harvey Nichols

Earlier this week I got up close and personal with a range of luxury beauty brands at the Harvey Nichols Beauty Studio event, which meant trying out new products, watching demonstrations and speaking to the brand experts. It was nice to create a scent profile with Penhaligon’s, where we worked out which of the many lovely perfumes would be best for me. It’s definitely good to have the names of a couple of fragrances from this brand that I know I love, as I’m so bewitched by the bottles and branding I’d have been highly likely to buy a perfume from them based on nothing but appearances!

Harvey Nichols beautyHair demonstrationESPA macaroons

I am also now entranced by Face Lace, who took to the Beauty Studio stage to demonstrate their beautiful high fashion-esque designs – ready-to-wear lace which you apply to your face. I actually love this pretty facial art, and even dipped my toe into the look last year with Eye Rock’s lace design as part of my Black Swan Halloween costume. You can actually reuse the Face Lace designs if care is taken when removing them, so actually could be better value for money. It’s certainly something to consider for an extravagant event such as a masquerade ball.

Face LaceFace Lace 2

And I couldn’t leave without a purchase. Inspired by another demonstration on the Beauty Studio stage, I bought this hot pink lipstick from Bobbi Brown. They’re going big on the pink and red combos this season, and I’ve actually been keeping my eye open for a pink lip colour just like this one!
Bobbi Brown lipstickBobbi Brown counter

I’ve now got a fair few exciting beauty samples to be trying out, so look out for upcoming reviews.

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