Romance that doesn’t break the bank

Ah Valentine’s Day. It’s a funny old day. I think it’s such a nice idea to celebrate love and romance (what could be a nicer thing to celebrate?), but when it comes with the pressure of spending money it does tend to make people cynical. There’s no denying that Valentine’s is very commercial, and while I do encourage a bit of spending here and there to boost us out of recession, I’m a firm believer that romance doesn’t need to cost much.

I actually find the idea of a romantic meal out on the same day as everyone else very embarrassing! As it’s nobody’s birthday or anniversary, I would prefer to do something that is at least a bit personal to mark the occasion. Everyone is different after all. And as I definitely think romance is created and not bought, here is some Valentine’s inspiration:

Think home-made

It’s the thought that counts, and home-made items take thought, time and effort. One year me and my boyfriend made each other cards. They were tailored to each other, cute and made us laugh.

Love-themed treats are another cute idea, such as these pretty pink and white Valentine’s gingerbread cookies. Any sweet treat can be adapted with Valentine’s shapes and colours…

decorating cookiesvalentines cookies

Cook something delicious

Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year I would absolutely rather stay in and cook than go for a meal. That may just be me, but cooking something a bit different to the usual weekday meals (and maybe eating at the table rather than in front of the TV), and doing this together is quite a cute idea. It doesn’t even have to be difficult. I actually like this Spanish chicken and chorizo bake from Hairy Dieters – healthy and tasty!

Spanish chicken

A romantic setting

If you live together and sit watching TV together every night, you can still create a different mood with a few candles. I like the mood created by these jam jars decorated with pieces of red and pink ribbon and cord that I had lying around. Dotting quite a few of them about the room looks very pretty! – a nice romantic setting to watch a movie together in.

uses for jam jarsjam jar candlejam jar candle holder

Does anyone else have any cute ideas for how to mark the occasion without breaking the bank?

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