Percy & Reed Conditioner Reviewed

Percy & Reed are top London salon stylists with a range of premium hair care products on the market. Now I’m not one to randomly splash out on a premium product from a brand that I’ve never tested, so it was through the free samples in Glamour magazine this month (still available, last I saw) that I was able to trial this product. There were four free products available and I chose the Colour and Shine conditioner as I’m close to running out of my current one.

Percy & Reed

First impressions count, and I have to say that the packaging of this range really appeals to me – it is simple and contemporary, with a quirky twist. The conditioner itself is thick and luxurious, which is what I expect of a premium price conditioner, and the smell (which does linger on your hair) is fruity and salon-esque.

Percy & Reed conditioner

I applied it to clean wet hair and left it for 2 minutes as directed. I felt an immediate difference actually, even when rinsing through – my hair felt really thick, soft and smooth. I really liked the results after drying too – my hair looked and felt as glossy as the bottle promised without being weighted down. I then discovered that Percy & Reed are against animal testing so I decided to go out and buy a second Glamour mag with the shampoo freebie, which I now look forward to trying!

Percy & Reed shampoo

I’ve also read some excellent reviews on their Dry Shampoo, which I’m tempted to try even though it is not one of the samples in Glamour magazine. Batiste is the only dry shampoo I’ve used to date, but apparently the Percy & Reed one is far superior as it “soaks up excess oil and cleanses the scalp” without leaving your hair looking white(!)

The range can be bought from ASOS, as well as Selfridges, John Lewis and Harvey Nichols. It’s not cheap though, at £16 for 250ml bottle of conditioner and £14 for the shampoo, so definitely at the premium end of my hair care collection for special hair days… and definitely worth grabbing a Glamour magazine or two while they’re still available!

3 thoughts on “Percy & Reed Conditioner Reviewed

  1. I chose the finishing polish – haven’t tried it yet but it smells really nice and I love the packaging too! Glamour have the best freebies 🙂

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